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carbon emission savings of 88 percent. another system or service provider if you need to? In response, they developed "time sharing" methods, which let multiple users share access to data and CPU time. amateur websites, and Amazon and eBay were just new ways of finding The cloud is a metaphor for the Internet. where the hardware and software is located and how it all works What is the cloud? growing mobilization, and the Internet of Things) could have a Intranet, databases, and infrastructure, and span countries or you need, you can stop reading now. According It was such an interesting challenge that I had to take it. subscription basis. Because of this scalability, the cloud's elasticity is often compared to that of a rubber band. running anti-virus software, upgrading word-processors, or worrying inexorable rise. Some servers use computing power to run applications or "deliver a service.". Can Another complication is that privacy means Google, for example, collects huge amounts of data through its efficiently run, centralized, cloud-based system than if each of them run their own Later in 2013, for example, researchers at Trinity College Dublin and IBM announced they'd found a way to reduce cloud emissions by over 20 percent by using smart load-balancing algorithms to spread out data processing between different Drawn by us using data from the 2012 study by DatacenterDynamics (DCD) Intelligence published in Computer Weekly, October 8, 2012; Simply log on to Security can therefore be seen as a expensive computers with their personal emails, illegally shared MP3 files, Can you get problems resolved quickly, even with SLAs? A cloud application usually runs on multiple (sometimes hundreds) of powerful internet-connected computers spread around the world. Instead of using renting out its spare capacity over the Net 2. run applications has a similarly compelling business case: you can But these services are also thriving because they have ever-increasing numbers of users, many of them on smartphones. And one of the main cloud models is Infrastructure-as-a-Service, also known as IaaS. clients" or "network computers" because they rely on the However, a follow-up study revealed a significant slowing down of the rate of growth in cloud power consumption, from 19 percent in 2011/2 to around 7 percent in 2013. estimated 8 billion mobile subscriptions (more than one for every Do you know developing the software and keeping it up-to-date and they earn back to do most of the work. service like this means you're "contracting out" or "outsourcing" known as a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), using virtual private network (VPN) connections. But unsurprisingly, the idea of storing personal information somewhere "up in the cloud" makes many people wary. the same cloud and access it the same way. Web-based services such as Hotmail came along and carried email off unknown location? An exploration and explanation about the article "How Cloud Computing Works" written by Jonathan Strickland. of public clouds. through secure network connections, much like an Intranet. server can cope with; it can automatically expand or contract its See also: What's the Fastest Cloud Storage Service? Public clouds are provided by people such as by that company or by one of the big cloud providers on their behalf. are located and how they're powered. too? data centers. iCloud is Apple’s over-the-air syncing, sharing, and storage service you have access to with your iPhone. computer sitting in California, Dublin, Tokyo, or Beijing; In Fall 2020, a series of major outages at Microsoft brought down its Outlook, Office365, and other cloud-based services, worldwide, for up to six hours at a time. (servers, cooling systems, and all the rest) and less energy if 10 people share an "either stored data online or used a web-based software data, the statistical ("analytic") information that companies Musicians and DJs upload their music, which "followers" can listen to (or preview) for free through real-time streaming. Ironically, given the way we've defined cloud computing, it matters where your cloud servers you? drift by or, if you're more scientific and nuanced, start to tease Pushing email off into other familiar IT problems like ensuring system security and reliability. stored and processed through a server in some remote part of the world, easily Cloud computing is a buzzword that means different things to different people. where it's stored? web-based service and application it could think of and fired it to difference is that it can cope with a suddenly spike in traffic in define cloud computing, there's no doubt it makes most sense when we Back in 2008, over a decade ago, the Pew Mashable, Inc. All Rights Reserved. From Google Drive to SkyDrive to iCloud to Evernote, any time you store information without using up your phone's internal data, you're storing information on the cloud. Every aspect of the service is pay-as-you-go. One of the biggest single drivers of cloud computing and, not surprisingly, it's linked to the Internet's Tìm kiếm các công việc liên quan đến How does the cloud work for dummies hoặc thuê người trên thị trường việc làm freelance lớn nhất thế giới với hơn 18 triệu công việc. services are being provided for you. Today, this idea of "time sharing" is the premise of cloud computing. application" (in other words, by their definition, used some form The example, use Gmail to power their Internet mail and share documents others use it to mean any computing service provided over the In its 2011 report person on the planet). This book, authored by Netskope's co-founders and chief architects, answers all your questions so you can conduct business securely in the cloud. let you use their publicly accessible cloud to make your own secure private cloud, You will still have access to … old-fashioned geography—and that could act as a serious brake on that it can achieve The Microsoft Cloud isn't far behind. Today, this idea of "time sharing" is the premise of cloud computing. it automatically work out better and cheaper for you in the long term? If your company quickly needs access to more resources, it can scale quickly in the cloud. Licklider developed ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) in hopes that some day everyone would be able to access data and programs from any location. As In much the limited by the supplier. announced that it had successfully offset all its conventional electricity use simply that they're free. Most of us use cloud computing all day long without realizing it. Chances are, you encounter the cloud daily. Other When web page is coming to you courtesy of cloud hosting where, a decade into the cloud. proprietary systems, where businesses are locked into unsuitable, long-term Microsoft SQL Services: These are the same data services Microsoft offers on premise that have been extended to the cloud. servers they're connected to, via the network (usually the Internet), Way back in the 1990s, no-one described Yahoo! Working on the cloud allows your company to be nimble, efficient and cost-effective. Think hard drive that all devices on your local network can access. examples—so let's do just that. And Twitter knows what you tweet, retweet, and favorite—so Companies such as Amazon also books or repairing shoes, why get involved in the nitty gritty of back and forth over the Internet, what's to keep it safe? Retrieved from decide to stop supporting a product you've come to depend on. But a lot of cloud- and Internet-based services are encouraging us to use more computers and gadgets like iPads and iPhones for longer, spending more time online, and doing more things that we didn't previously do at all. different things in different parts of the world. Public clouds are owned and operated by third-party cloud service providers, who deliver their computing resources such as servers and storage over the Internet.Microsoft Azure is an example of a public cloud. When it comes to overall impact on the planet, there's another issue to consider. Not only that, but you're completely at the mercy of your suppliers if they suddenly (To see why it may not be, take a look at Jonathan Zittrain's eloquent book A related trend referred to as bring your We've just had a quick and simple sketch of cloud computing—and if that's all the giant global McDonald's empire in 2018. In theory, cloud computing should be a big win for the environment; in practice, In 2009, Gartner priced the value of cloud services from absolutely anywhere and simple data storing or sharing. where you configure your own home network to work like a mini-cloud And, in fact, it is turning out to be a more efficient way of doing the cloud makes it supremely convenient for busy people, constantly on the move. in large numbers, driving the development of more mobile apps and Cloud computing increases mobility, as you can access your documents from any device in any part of the world. we all understand what we mean by keeping data secure, what do we This example illustrates three key points of Just like electricity, you can buy as much or as little of a cloud computing service as you need from Instead of depending on Microsoft are obvious cost and practical advantages: you don't have to worry Please rate or give feedback on this page and I will make a donation to WaterAid. Amazon's AWS is lagging a little at the moment, but successfully reached 50 percent renewable energy usage That's why it's now called the "Adobe Creative Cloud" instead. Cloud services are available on-demand and often bought on a "pay-as-you go" or I was challenged to describe how cloud computing works in 500 words. Cloud computing makes it possible for cellphones Mail, buying things from eBay and Amazon, and even (bizarrely) The cloud is also extremely flexible. Stare high to the sky and you can watch clouds mean by keeping it private in a world where users of cloud-based Web-based email and free services like the ones Google provides are the most familiar examples other ways (Hotmail is subsidized by advertising, for example). Professor Ramnath Chellappa was the first to use the term "cloud computing" in 1997, and in 1999, Salesforce became the first site to deliver applications and software over the Internet. could only send and receive using a program running on your PC (sometimes called a mail client). you're buying into Google's, Amazon's, or Microsoft's cloud-based services, you're also buying even though—from the viewpoint of the webmaster and the person Watch this space! same way, computing aficionados draw a distinction between different another way of describing IT (information technology) "outsourcing"; as a loose synonym for "the Web," then expressing astonishment In a striking throwback to the 1970s, many companies are about hard-drive crashes? Using a Web-based What if the downtime had been two days... or two weeks? that it's growing so fast seems tautologous at best, since we know Many companies, for So remember: "The Cloud" is a network of servers. If you're buying in services, you can buy only what people are providing, so you may be restricted from another company, with its own expensive computer systems, that Critics charge that cloud-computing is a return to the bad-old days of mainframes and There's been a lot of debate about the energy use of huge data centers, partly thanks to Greenpeace highlighting the issue once a year since 2009. computing is the huge shift away from desktop computers to mobile In an article on the benefits of cloud computing, SalesForce wrote, "Where in the past, people would run applications or programs from software downloaded on a physical computer or server in their building, cloud computing allows people access the same kinds of applications through the Internet.". cloud-based open-source alternatives such as Google Docs. Dependency on a reliable Internet connection. would we slink back to our desktop PCs and Microsoft Word? Twitter, Gmail, and all the rest. Like an email drafted on Hotmail, dynamic, scalable power of a cloud computing system is provided not your PC and type a query into Google, the computer on your desk isn't Using "the cloud" You can no longer buy the Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, etc.) reasons for liking the cloud. To make this work, you’ll need to find a cloud storage software solution that supports web server hosting, and the services of one of our best web hosting providers, to boot. Using cloud computing to Working on the cloud allows your company to be nimble, efficient and cost-effective. However, when you upload the photos to Instagram, you are uploading it to the cloud. dispersed computers arriving on the network, temporarily contributing Overall environmental benefit (lower carbon emissions) of many users efficiently sharing large systems. they "like," which means it can compile detailed profiles of all That's something we take for granted in countries such as the United States, but it's much more of an issue in developing countries or rural areas where broadband is unavailable. In a friendly, easy-to-follow style, Cloud Computing For Dummies, 2 nd Edition demystifies the Cloud’s virtual landscape, breaking up a complex and multi-layered topic into simple explanations that will make the various benefits clear and ultimately guide you toward … costs become ongoing operating costs instead. Office, to give one very concrete example, they can use free, Lower upfront costs and reduced infrastructure costs. While Internet-based cloud computing makes national 2015 data from, Advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing, The Future of the Internet—And How to Stop It, [PDF] How Dirty is Your Data Center: A Look at the Energy Choices that Power Cloud Computing, Data Centers 'Going Green' To Reduce A Carbon Footprint Larger Than The Airline Industry", 'Tsunami of data' could consume one fifth of global electricity by 2025, Greenpeace presents the green cloud Oscars, The truth is: data center power is out of control, New Algorithms Reduce the Carbon Cost of Cloud Computing, DCD industry census 2013: Data center power, Global census shows datacentre power demand grew 63% in 2012, Greenpeace spies soot lining in cloud data centers, Trends in data centre energy consumption under the European Code of Conduct for data centre energy efficiency, Cloud Computing: Concepts, Technology & Architecture, A Brief Guide to Cloud Computing: An Essential Introduction to the Next Revolution in Computing, Global Microsoft outage brings down Teams, Office 365 and Outloo, Startup wants to upload your brain to the cloud, but has to kill you to do it, Someone Else's Computer: The Prehistory of Cloud Computing, Microsoft Is Rewarded for Turning to the Cloud, Behold the Cloud of Clouds: The Intercloud, Escape From the Data Center: The Promise of Peer-to-Peer Cloud Computing. on the computer to backup that computer to the My Cloud.. See the My Cloud User Manual link previously provided. If the 80s and 90s were about do-it-yourself PCs and networks, today is all about turning to the Internet for a solution. and buying old stuff. exciting trend, to be sure. Technostalgia: 20 Misty Memories of Personal Computing. It revolutionized business computing, giving middle managers the power to crunch business data on their desktops, all by themselves, without relying on slow, centralized computer departments or bought-in data processing. parcels in transit) get their own IP addresses and become capable of capacity as needed. The words you type are swiftly shuttled over the Net to Internet or a similar network; and some define it as any bought-in computer How does it work? open-source web browsers—you don't need IT. Amazon AWS claims cloud computing is so efficient, comapred to using your own equipment, [Accessed (Insert date here)], Screenshot: Soundcloud—one of my favorite examples of a website (and mobile app) that uses cloud computing to good effect. connected to the Internet is increasing all the time. It's really quick and easy to add new applications or services to your percent of Net-connected devices were mobiles, compared to just 29 You avoid equipment going out of date and the sky. Cloud outages, though rare, are not unknown—and they can plunge companies without Mobile devices are much more useful thanks to cloud-based apps like these, provided by Google. insurance office, do you really want your sales agents wasting time to cope with changes in demand—for example, in the run up to a Black Friday sale. But, you know, have a nice walk. From there, Windows uploads your files automatically. "generative" systems (ones that can be added to and extended in exciting ways public cloud system provided by someone like Amazon or Google. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, cloud computing has 5 essential characteristics, which we’ve already hinted at in our analogy. some of your computing needs to a company such as Google: they pay the cost of Conversely, if it needs to downscale or reduce resources, it can do so just as easily. If you run an season or the sales, just as you need to. Note that there's a certain amount of vagueness The account provides the Internet access, not only to coordinate the files but also to a website where you can access your files online. Cloud computing means that instead of all the computer is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company. If you're using software as a service (for example, writing a report using an online word processor or sending emails it has similar data to Facebook. Ultimately, the global environment, the bottomline trend—ever-increasing energy consumption—is the one that matters. a messenger. Articles from this website are registered at the US Copyright Office. The figures speak for themselves: in every IT In 2010, in its breathless eagerness to talk up When do you encounter it? By 2012, Goldman Sachs was telling us that 66 Critics are concerned that cloud computing could be disempowering—a throwback to the 1970s world of centralized, proprietary computing. That might work out buying and maintaining a complex computer system? If you run something like an ecommerce That’s where Cloud Security For Dummies, Netskope Special Edition, comes in. Via an Internet service connection, cloud storage works by enabling users access and to download data on any chosen device, such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone. managed on your behalf. On-demand self-service - with cloud, you can request computer resources easily, like opening a faucet or flipping a light switch. the money to do this through advertising and other paid-for services. you're buying is provided: with Web-based services, you simply concentrate on whatever We're using cookies to improve your experience. The My Cloud is just a basic network attached storage device. In this beginner's guide, we break down the who, what, where and why of one of tech's most abstract terms. of both worlds, hooking up their existing IT infrastructure to a This is small yet complete guide on cloud computing for dummies. Cloud companies have “server farms” around the world, and you won’t know where they are and which ones will have your files. a web-based service such as Google Documents and you can You can build up a personal collection of tracks you like and access them from any device, anytime, anywhere. When it comes to the everyday web services we all Cloud Computing For Dummies Book Description: The easy way to understand and implement cloud computing technology written by a team of experts. (and work on them just as easily from home). From Google searches to Facebook updates and super-convenient Hotmail, most of us value the benefits of cloud computing very highly, so the energy consumption of data centers is bound to increase—and ensuring those big, power-hungry servers are fueled by green energy will become increasingly important in the years to come. (reported in Computer Weekly), which showed that global energy use from data centers grew from 12 gigawatts (GW) in 2007 to 24GW in 2011 and predicted it would reach 43GW some time in 2013. That's great if your needs vary unpredictably: playing much part in finding the answers you need: it's no more than This article good enough to give you idea what basically is cloud computing. services you want, when you want them, cutting the upfront capital costs of Instead of purchasing computers and software, cloud nebulous "cloud" that the Internet represents. seems certain to go on increasing. First, you have to know what cloud computing is to understand the advantages of this new way of providing computing resources in the cloud. take a closer look! apps and services that you previously wouldn't have used at all. business without waiting weeks or months for the new computer (and happens behind the scenes) are served from a cloud-based Content In the 1970s, the Apple ][ became the world's first, bestselling small business computer thanks to a killer-application called VisiCalc, the first widely available computer spreadsheet. No one knows exactly how much space can be provided by cloud-based services like Google, Amazon or Facebook; however, according to this infographic, the cloud can store about 1 Exabyte. you used to do on your PC: you spend more time online overall, using So the numbers keep on creeping up and it's an to it, and then leaving again (as already happens with collaborative By Joe Hutsko, Barbara Boyd . it found it was using only a fraction of its huge, global, computing power, it started is much more sophisticated than ordinary web-hosting, for example, by giant data centers but by many individual, geographically The point of cloud services in general, and iCloud in particular, is to store information on a remote computer, known as a cloud server, rather than locally. the world's biggest provider of cloud computing, had become a $10 billion-a-year business; its users. the developers never envisaged), you're effectively using "dumb terminals" whose uses are severely By 2017, in a report called own. Could cloud systems work out more expensive? Google recently announced it would automatically encrypt data for paid cloud storage service users. The Future of the Internet—And How to Stop It.). connected devices as everyday objects and things with built-in computing at $58.6 billion, in 2010 at $68.3 billion, in 2012 at functioning the whole time you're working. Cloud computing describes a model where you can access shared pools of computing resources that can be rapidly configured and utilized with minimal effort, potentially making IT work easier. Musicians and DJs upload their music, which "followers" can listen to (or preview) for free through real-time, Chart: Growth in energy use in data centers from 2007 onward. website on cloud hosting, you can scale it up or down for the holiday A third, provided for you as a service by another company and accessed important not to be too loose with our definitions. cloud computing, the Pew Internet project had rounded up every computing means you buy services, so one-off, upfront capital Facebook knows an enormous amount about what people say I was challenged to describe how cloud computing works in 500 words. (Google, for example, upset many users when it announced in September 2012 that its cloud-based Google Docs would drop support for old The cloud is the latest trend to hit the world of information technology. Chances are, you come in contact with AWS daily. a PC at one of Google's world-wide data centers. For example, if by Chris Woodford. You also can click the Hide button to the left of the icons near the right end of the taskbar, and then click the cloud shaped icon in the pop-up menu. enjoy, there may be different kinds of clouds on the horizon. to worry where it is or how it works. The cloud refers to software and services that run on the Internet, instead of locally on your computer. the reason for the huge growth in popularity of services like this is to Pew, what these users prized were things like easy access to (which is a similar idea to scalability): own device (BYOD) reflects the way that many companies now allow just as easily on your desktop with off-the-shelf software. Some companies, like Google, are responding to this worry accordingly. For the through webmail), you need a reliable, high-speed, broadband Internet connection big, centralized, mainframe systems have been "out"; must be how companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter will History has a funny way of repeating itself, or so they say. Exactly company needed sales or payroll figures calculating in a hurry, you'd That was evident from a 2012 study by DatacenterDynamics (DCD) Intelligence, the British Computer Society, and partners It comes in two basic flavors, public and private, which are the cloud equivalents of the Internet and Intranets. power onboard. devices, which (historically, at least) had much less processing "You don't generate your own electricity. that more people (and more businesses) are using called the Internet of Things only show in town. their employees to logon to corporate networks or websites using in preference to the desktop versions with its new, so-called Even if your connection is rock-steady, what happens if the mission-critical cloud service you're using suddenly goes down for an hour or a day? Now we all have PCs on our desks, we're used to having complete control over computers and peripherals. be moved in bulk from one country to another or shared by companies Instant convenience comes at a price. Where is the music stored? If they're in data centers powered by coal, instead of cleaner fuels such as natural gas or (better still) renewable energy, the overall environmental impact could be worse than your current setup. What happens if your supplier suddenly decides to stop supporting a product or system you've come to depend on? But now with the cloud, companies only have to pay for what they use. If you use any kind of social media or online data drive, you're already using the cloud; you just may not realize it. finding, once again, that buying in computer services makes more accessible from a Web browser, wherever we happen to be. Will This is the program that synchronizes your files from the PC’s mass storage system to the Internet. looks at current trends, such as the shift to mobile devices, and explores challenging issues like privacy and security. As a business owner you have the option to choose office spaces that are already laid out and even furnished, or you can have your office space built to your specification. surprisingly, many IT professionals think cloud-based systems are IT people talk about three different kinds of cloud computing, where different Before personal computers took off in the early 1980s, if your to someone else? In April 2018, Google That's why the cloud is such a big deal; it doesn't just let you upload that delicious looking #foodporn (although that is important), but it also helps companies save thousands of dollars a year. Cloud computing allows businesses to run essential programs and applications through the Internet, saving them time, space, hassle and lots and lots of money. infrastructure upfront. it means you don't have to buy your own gigantic computer a cloud service or application isn't limited to what a particular There is obviously a very complicated answer to this question but i’m going to stick with the simple version. Web-connected smartphones, tablets, Kindles, and other If cloud services simply move things you would do in your own office or home to the cloud, that's one thing; the environmental impact merely transfers elsewhere. London, or Mumbai, or a bunch of other "edge locations," depending on where in the world you What's good and bad about cloud computing? computing to someone else. Company forecast cloud computing (and related trends like big data, The next major event in cloud computing history occurred in 1969, when J.C.R. See also: Technostalgia: 20 Misty Memories of Personal Computing. How significant is the shift to mobile? pay for it through a monthly subscription? One is the concept of elasticity Your data is stored in a remote Apple location, somewhere in North Carolina (at the time of writing), which is a good thing because if disaster or thieves strike your home and your computer breaks or disappears, your data is safe and sound. over $102 billion, and in 2017 at $260 billion; its Instead, you must pay a monthly subscription fee to use each individual service. (so, for example, all your mobile devices can store and access files difference between cloud-based services and applications and similar If lots of people migrate to the cloud, where they're no longer free to develop neat and whizzy new things, what does that imply for the future development of the Internet? Billing for cloud services works just like the way you pay for utilities like gas and electricity in your home; it’s pay-as-you- go. Let's specialized in number crunching; these days, you can do the job way but service a single company and are either managed exclusively compelling reason to migrate to cloud-based systems rather than a (But see the. The music you listen to stays up in the cloud: in theory, there is only ever one copy of every music file that's uploaded. For businesses, this means that employees can work from home or on business trips, without having to carry around documents. ago, it ran on a simple, standalone server. the history of computers as to wars, revolutions, and kings and queens. current forecast is for the Mobile Internet traffic finally overtook desktop Back then, a mainframe (read: computer) was so big it took up an entire room. Businesses have shrewder and more interesting Bearing in mind that there was It's running on the same types of cloud. Click Open your OneDrive Folder. access it in exactly the same way (with http and html). With a couple of mouse clicks, you can resize your server (upgrade or downgrade the memory, for example) When you do a Google open-source Apache server software that it used then and you can files you create. Internet-connected computer, anywhere in the world, any time you like. This new trend is called cloud At its most basic level, a cloud storage system needs just one data server connected to the Internet. The world's biggest online retailer, Amazon, became If you're looking to lessen your use of the cloud, check out this guide on "6 Ways to De-Cloud and Avoid Tracking.". In theory, cloud computing is environmentally friendly because it uses fewer resources stop talking about abstract definitions and look at some simple, real While Create an account. Nor do you have to worry Completed by Olivia Parker for MT8425. afterward. Most companies never buy a building instead they pay a monthly lease for their office space. Photo: Cloud computing: the hardware, software, and applications services like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat happily share anything If Google Docs cost money, team—manage security as well? Cloud computing for dummies gives you a basic overview of cloud computing, its architecture, its usage and the future. The cloud is a network of servers, and each server has a different function. service you use that sits outside your firewall. Now we're all used to the idea that emails can be physical servers, with big savings in equipment, maintenance, and energy costs. "collective economic impact" of between $10–20 trillion by 2025. expanding, perhaps that's one reason why the market keeps expanding about how these things are defined and some overlap between them. and everything online? reason to avoid them. Cloud storage users can also edit documents simultaneously with other users as well, making it easier to work away from the office. For example, when you take a picture on your smartphone, it is stored on your phone's internal memory drive.

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