i have conversations with others in my head

It is nice when others ‘get’ my posts. In the early seventies, I already noted that some people in my school said “offen” like me, and others said “of-ten” with a distinct “t”. Usually I have make-believe confrontational conversations in my head, that cause anxiety. “. For the large part, I will have full conversations inside my head, sometimes like an argument where I'll dismiss something my inner monologue has said a second ago. I have been diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Don't think we're psycho. — Cum Goblin (@ProstateWizard) January 27, 2020. How To Tie Converse With Side Holes And I Have Conversations With Others In My Head See Price 2019Ads, Deals and Sales. That is all words start with conversations. Did I make any eye contact at all?” Maybe I replayed the conversation in my mind to check and see if I said something appropriate or inappropriate. The French call this "l'esprit d'escalier" - the spirit on the stairs - in other words, the little voice in your head that says exactly what you should have said as you descend the stairs away from the place where the conversation happened. this may sound weird, but this is how telepathy works. I do this sometimes too, though rarely, but usually when I am bored to have what seems like an ordinary conversation when there isn't anyone to talk to at the time. I would never have guessed. Sometimes they are loud, sometimes whispering. They make your intentions clear, establish bonds between you and others, and can make or break a first impression when you meet someone new. But in my twenties when it was at it's worst and yet to be diagnoses, there were some actual conversations that had me believing I was going mad. I was mostly listening to music and browsing the web. They're weird scenarios I come up with, or sometimes I just pretend the people are there listening to me while I talk to them. After you speak to someone, even if they’re not a stranger, do you find yourself replaying the conversation in your head afterwards? To take it a step further, could we just actually be telepathically communicating and not even know it. However, it is a bit strange. 3. I was wrong. Psych Central does not provide medical or psychological he's older, maybe in his 50's or 60's and he lives alone. he was having some sort of arguement (out loud) with no one, but then he got angry and started swearing. I talk to people I know - sometimes I have imaginary arguments with them about things they've done to annoy me. When I was younger I thought having someone who talked to me in my head was normal. The conversations can go on for as long as hours when I'm alone and only stop when I realize it's going on, or when other people are present. All rights reserved. Strangely it's not distracting I can carry these "conversations" (multiple elaborate ones at that) and at the same time still be able to study/work or carry a real conversation at the same time without affecting what I am currently doing. I began to realise they couldn’t carry out their threats. Please tell your "Peoples in your head" the best regards from us all and a lot of luck and health. I have a problem with eye contact and I become very hot and sometimes I turn red in the face. I make them up in my head and talk to myself ALL THE TIME whether im outside or in my house. Its not always just before I'm going to see someone, sometimes it can be with someone that just comes to my mind. Other Causes of Hearing Voices in Your head. He’s thinking about himself. At first I was aware that I was combing through my words to make sure I didn’t seem rude or pushy or dumb. I think it's fascinating that in a sense, I have little scale models of all the people I know built into my brain so I can do trial runs of conversations with them before the real thing. yell at those fuckers! And those who can't believe that some people have an inner narrative all day long. Answered in 3 minutes by: 2/24/2013. LORD BURT Well-known member. I do the exact same thing! Show Less. As a fan of this comedian, it’s a unique position for me. I've been having that for a long, long time. I don’t care!” My mind was in “anxiety autopilot.” For 24 hours after I met him bits of our conversation would pop into my head while I was doing other things (washing dishes, walking my dog, deleting emails, whatever). Also doing even more studies to avoid the situation may make things worse, since it would be more stressful, the conversing may continue to keep away from stress. I write some of them down. well, i just walked as fast as i could to get away. I feel like I know him, but he can’t know much about me. For some, it was a full back-and-forth conversation, for others a more condensed script of short phrases or keywords. Honestly, I don't think it's normal. It is a little crazy making. These conversations are not due to hallucinations or delusions. That’s life. Its will usually start with me thinking about it then I will kinda put it to the back of my mind and think about something else. sometimes weird random visions get in the way when i'm trying to sleep cus of it! at least now i would know that i am not alone :) It keeps me from being bored tho. I know people have conversations out loud to think through a problem, but the difference is they know exactly what the next sentence is going to be. If you were just a friend and he didn’t feel anything and he maintains eye contact with others then why can’t he with you? They may also talk to their toy or some object present in the room. For 24 hours after I met him bits of our conversation would pop into my head while I was doing other things (washing dishes, walking my dog, deleting emails, whatever). I may have a new way of dealing with anxiety on the front end of an event, but I guess I’m still using the same archaic method on the back end — looking for negative things to dwell on before filing the memory away into long term storage. “God, it must be so annoying to have words in your head!” says Charlie, a 28-year-old social media manager. Learning To Trust Yourself Again After Betrayal, Many Seniors with Depression Faring Well During Pandemic, Turning Out the Lights on Mania: Dark Therapy, Re-booting our Capacity to Cope with the Corona Virus: Strategies, Books and Movies that Inspire Screenwriters. To continue the smartphone analogy, the app keeps running, but I tweak the settings to change the way the conversation in my head is being organized. I use to have people talking to me I'm my mind like a few other people on this site but not like this , this been going on for a year and a half now ever since I met these two girls that I don't associate with any more things been going down hill for me. Today I am going to talk about the conversations I have with myself that are constantly going on in my mind. Conversations hold a lot of power. I can say just three words to someone and end up thinking about those three little words for the next hour after the conversation is through. I constantly relive and rehearse conversations in my head (when I am alone sometimes I do it out loud). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maladaptive_daydreaming. Lol. – Unknown. Better living than thinking about living, right? Insomnia: lack of sleep can cause you to hear voices, simply because you are out of whack. Sometimes I also make up elaborate lies and play them out in my head. I do this all time! I have scenarios of things that dont happen. I just feel throughout my life I have always been the reactor in a conversation and never the person that starts conversations and can actively approach and talk to people. If they keep coming up, these scenarios with others, or just mere conversations real or imagined .. it's usually something unresolved.. with this person in present life, or my past. I pretend that I am that character. It means replaying life events in an attempt to make sure that next time we’re totally prepared and won’t feel anxious. If the people in your head tell you to do things or make you act differently you may be developing a mental disorder. Besides the ever-illusive optimism, there are certain facts I have to face. It is nearly impossible to have an authentic conversation with someone after I already had the same conversation WITH THEM in my head. i keep thinking up fights. I have conversations with myself in my head but with someone else as well... say if i am going to see a doctor or counselor or just anyone who i don't really know, i will have conversations in my head with them before i go to see them (usually when I'm in bed). I’d get so bored if I didn’t have an internal monologue. Just want to be able to be more social and not anxious about talking to people. But I'm honestly considering bringing it up to my therapist the next time i see him. I wish i could stop it too because it gets in the way of normal activities. Teach everyone how to have an effective confrontation conversation that enriches relationships. Sometimes when I am in a quiet enviroment and I find myself in deep thought about a conversation I would have with someone I can start to hear the conversation in my head. I do this all the time. ie "your so stupid cant believe you did that" (then in a different sounding voice) "what should i do?" Is this normal? 60% of people surveyed by the National Science Association, said they believe other people have ESP. Get help from a parent, teacher, school counselor, workplace counselor or contact a bullying helpline for advice. Inspirational Quote: Sometimes you have to stop being scared and just go for it. I sometimes have conversations with you in my head. He chuckled out loud and I continued to pour tea for the both of us. :( could someone give me an advice to make this conversations in my head vanished :(. It’s a normal phenomenon. Negative thoughts pop into my head—and then I will have a conversation about this experience. I don’t know what that means… but I know that I talk to people a lot… in my head. So – what is this approach? sometimes weird random visions get in the way when i'm trying to sleep cus of it! I daydream a lot. It's something that I can even enjoy at times. “It’s not like I have a picture, I just have the intention to do things.” If you’re in a dream you kind of know where you are, even when there is nothing to suggest you know where you are. I think that it's a mild form of schizophrenia. I'm happy when they're happy and I'm sad when they're sad. I think that, in this case, it might be a creativity level that was triggered improperly or an unsolved conduit issue. I constantly have conversations in my head. I have another little quirk that I'm not really supposed to talk about on here. Again, looking at the evidence of the orthoepists, the two pronunciations were both in use in the 16th and 17th centuries (it is recorded that Queen Elizabeth said “offen”). Instead of rumination it would take less time to just accept that: Business people talking photo available from Shutterstock. I have not stopped hearing these voices since 2015. Try to address the reason for not being able to sleep. when i think in my head i tend to talk/converse with myself as if i am two people. He tells me that he will always be there for me even when others let me down and somehow this feels comforting. Most individuals with Down Syndrome have been observed to have conversations with themselves. You are what you love, not what loves you. I believe that life is not meant to be serious all of the time, and we should have fun as much as we can. i would say it's mostly normal yeah. Help us keep this site organized and clean. Learn more. Over 250 self-help support groups and discussion forums for people who need emotional support, help with a mental health, relationship, parenting, or sexual problem, and mental illness support. Some of these voices are generally positive or contain positive messages. Sometimes i feel them telling me I can't say thank god ,or thank u Jesus @ first I use to think that some one did voodoo on me. The results of another study … “Rumination refers to the tendency to repetitively think about the causes, situational factors, and consequences of one’s negative emotional experience (Nolen-Hoeksema, 1991).”. Do you do this? With this title ‘Conversations in my head’, I had no idea where it would lead me to. I maybe the craziest of all. If you talk to yourself long enough about something you might be able to figure something new out. I don't hear voices or anything like that and - Answered by a verified Mental Health Professional We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. I've done this since I was a child and I still do. Whenever I get into a conversation with someone, either on the phone or in person, I become flustered. i have some form of adhd and i have hypothetical conversations in my head a lot when i'm not distracted with something else. I'm beginning to see that it's just my negative self talking when I get that way. That’s why I think there might be something more there and he might just be afraid of making a move. Posts about imaginary conversations i have had with people in my head written by linus Linusandco Dispensing Fuzzy Logic and Cheerful Incompetence since… a couple years back, now. I do it constantly throughout the day too. Sometimes I’d do it in my head; other times out loud. Now I find it embarrassing and I don’t like discussing it with anyone. Ask Your Own Mental Health Question. Friendship Quote: Friendship is not about who you spend the most time with, it’s about who you have the best time with and who’s actually there for you. So when I find out that they don’t know about it: I am surprised. We're stuck like this. I used to share everything that I did with my recent ex. if my brain made them talking, then why can't I made them stop? The fact that it happens when you are in a particular state of mind, which has some fugue qualities, is part of the reason that I say what I say here. Our minds contain many different perspectives, and they can argue or confer or talk over each other. As far as I know it is normal either way - part of the human range. Some people, depending a bit on their language experience will say they have a more acoustic inner speech that’s probably like your and my inner speech, but others … Hearing voices in your head, or experiencing auditory hallucinations does not always mean that you have mental illness. I don't hear voices or anything like that and usually just do it if I'm alone and have no one to talk to. As others have said, only if it's a problem is it a problem. I didnt know how to grieve either time and both times jumped head first right back into using crystal Meth. I genuinely have full conversations with myself in my head. Be transparent with your team. im experiencing that too . One of my characters has cancer and is dying, and I've been crying because of it. Sometimes its a conversatiuon between two other people. Like, starting to think about past memories, living them in detail and adding details that might respond to personal unmet expectancies so to have congruency within inner beliefs. I do it all the time. I hold full on conversations with my best friend and my father. These conversations can be about themselves, their toys, or some third person (imaginary or real). You know, you have to suffer when you feel rejected. My worst ruminating habit is replaying conversations. Hello. I always let people talk to me and that never seems to happen to much. And those who can't believe that some people have an inner narrative all day long. I don’t know what that means… but I know that I talk to people a lot… in my head. it's probably normal if you keep it in control. "Good conversationalists don't have to say the right thing, they just have to say something the other person can feed off of. I felt like I must be going crazy and never mentioned it to anyone but I was curious today to see if anyone else does this and I'm happy I'm not alone. i would say it's mostly normal yeah. Moving on. 1. For example, if somebody has caused me stress or conflict, I "talk" to that person in my head, usually arguing with them. Rumination is a way to over-plan and control anxiety. I kept thinking, “Please just shut up! Sadly, it’s futile. What’s the solution to this exhausting process? Some students are not used to this… and try to have one conversation a week… how silly. Oh my God, Ronny The devil hit my phone, he wanna talk But I'm not really up for conversations I can have my cake and eat it, too I just gotta make a reservation Chillin' in my head, but it's hot Flames everywhere, I see Satan Demons tryna run up in my spot a lot Really, really runnin' out … Your particular mind has the capacity to have a vivid experience with words and conversations and play them out in your head close to the original form. Makes my life so much more bearable. I was thrilled! Since I hear voices when I'm manic (those are external voices) the internal conversations are like verbal clutter. My previous blog posts have observed that some people—women with bulimia nervosa, for example—have frequent multiple simultaneous experiences, … As I’ve got older I’ve realised that my experiences are not the same. I genuinely have full conversations with myself in my head. I've got my own place and have a girlfriend, and I train nurses and mental health staff in helping others to engage with their voices. Everyone has conversations in their head. I have imaginary conversations in my head with people I know. Basically I hear other people’s voices inside my head. Oddly, I know enough about this entertainer that I assured myself, “He’s not thinking about you, Sarah. ", this is perfectly fine. Another cause may well be that making up a figure in our minds to converse with may seem easier to talk with in our conscience because we can make this figure say or answer what we would like to hear or talk about what we would like talking about. Men, women, teens, children, gruff old men. I just take my studies to the library cause they shut the hell up when I'm around people... not always tho hehe. Sometimes I research my title simply by performing a search on Google using the specific title and the results help take me in the direction I want to go. Some things that raise dopamine make it worse. I have long conversations with them. Sounds crazy, but seems pretty normal to me imo. It happens everywhere and my friends always smacks me when I start talking to myself and the "people". Some people have ADHD for having too little dopamine and we have a little to much. These are just some thoughts that popped into my head but it’s the impression I get from it. Many people have reported hearing voices that do not cause any kind of problem in their life. Although I realise it is a self-defeating behaviour, I can't stop it. But I was wondering if it was common or if I think differently than most people. So I usually just have imaginary conversations in my head with him in which I imagine his response. That no notes are needed… If I have anything to say, I just send a note. What I do in my mind pretty much 24/7 is making these fake scenarios in my head. Because this happens to me all the time. I'm going with us being a telepathic species :). (No I'm not physically hearing voices lol). Naturally this left me wanting to find out more about what had happened to me. It's either about past events where I edit the conversation to things I wanted to say or should have said it, or it's about scenarios that "may" happen where I imagine what I would say (I'm always so witty and cool in these made up scenarios). So I guess it's not all that special. Been dealing with it a long time and it's all in hand. I think it's like sympathy pains and our bodies are reacting to stress that isn't there and that's how we end up with too much dopamine. you mean talking out loud, right? I suppose I always thought that if my anticipatory anxiety was removed and I was able to approach the things I want to do without fear, that I wouldn’t have any anxiety afterwards. Generally they can be just as good as talking to another person with the exception that no new information is being revealed. My mind will begin to wonder, especially at night, and I will start thinking about having a conversation with my sister or one of my friends about something we've never talked about before, or sometimes something we have talked about before. I recently had the pleasure of meeting my favorite comedian after a standup show. Well, I dont know if its normal, but I do it all the time too. I talk to myself and i respond as if i am another person. Worry is a habit that won’t be solved by time-consuming problem-solving. I have another world, actually more than 1, that I live inside my head. “What’s the point?”. 3. But a strong habit of looking for the positive in all situations is a safeguard. “Did I make enough I contact? It was the only thing that took my feelings away and i was numb. yeah I drive myself insane sometimes arguing with people and making up imaginary scenarios hehe. When I talk it just comes out without any effort, I can now respond to other people and thoughts just pop into my head. Recently I've been trying to stop by plowing my head into my studies(small success, but like any old habit, it won't go down without a fight). He will keep replaying the situation by changing the actual dialogs. And who wants to sound like a creepy, clingy, overreaching fan? Most people have some varying ability to do this. They go on for at least 30 minutes of every hour I am awake. honestly, I have conversations with my inner voice all the time I believe it could be a mental scar or trauma that has happened to the person who does inner talking but I have experienced having philosophical discussions with my inner voice and several other things I was looking at this article to see if it was just me or others. 2. Conversations hold a lot of power. i have some form of adhd and i have hypothetical conversations in my head a lot when i'm not distracted with something else. You've mentioned that you do this when you are alone, or doing studies. But that doesn't mean it's impossible for new information to be revealed. And for some, it's a real virtue. If you continue doing this long enough(we all do) then different areas of the brain can wire themselves specifically for talking to yourself and they can have their own opinion. It's what psychologists refer to as Theory of Mind. I would assume that maybe from short-term loneliness, talking with what would seem as a made up companion can help take up time in the day. My coaching program is designed to have regular conversations, so none of them happens in my head. Bottom Line: Unless you bacon and egg sandwich stares up at you and asks "How could you...? People really are more concerned with themselves than the things other people say and do. A few nights ago, my wife looked over at … God bless us! — Cum Goblin (@ProstateWizard) January 27, 2020. You just have an implanted knowledge. I can now have a normal conversation! I dont think we're psyco but it is kind of akward. Thanks for reading and your comments. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a conversation. What do I say? We only spoke for a minute and yet I replayed the conversation in my head for the rest of the night, slept poorly, and then thought about each word into the next day. I should have been reading and working to get life experience. wish it would effect my real relations. We say it's dreaming but no one i owns exactly what dreaming even is. I do this as well. -But then again these are merely suggestions. it eats up sooo much of my time :(, i have people in my head that i dont think about normally then all of a sudden they are there and its like they have always been there but then they go and i feel sick. Sometimes I even pretend they respond. Yah I do that too and I hate it because the voice in my head makes me say stuff I don't neccesarily want that person to know! there's a guy down the street that does that. As long as you are immagining the voices and not actually hearing them then it is ok. Pretend scenarios are normal just as long as you are not seriously hearing voices that are not there. Nowadays, I’m doing a fairly good job of slapping rumination away in the moment and saying, “I don’t need you. The Imaginary Conversation – The person will always think of ways that could better the situation, which may include a better understanding, clever things that should have been said, things that shouldn’t have been said, better comebacks, and other things. I talk to myself quite often, perhaps to make up for the lack of play/talk I had with my brother during my childhood, or perhaps it's my way of sorting things out or theorizing particular situations I find interesting. All the right things, I replied as I gave my companion a mischievous smile. honestly, I have conversations with my inner voice all the time I believe it could be a mental scar or trauma that has happened to the person who does inner talking but I have experienced having philosophical discussions with my inner voice and several other things I was looking at this article to see if it was just me or others I mean, it's not even a stretch. Share this conversation. I began to recognise the voices as representing the negative feelings I had about myself, and that alone helped me feel less frightened of them. I make up these separate lives for myself.. some are centered around a character that I make up. I have long conversations with them. Let them know how you will handle these issues and what you value about direct communication. Thanks. Sarah Newman is the managing editor and associate publisher of PsychCentral and the founding editor-in-chief of the Poydras Review. I thought everyone did this as well. If it seems like they have a mind of their own I would suggest to stop talking to them as well. I have imaginary conversations in my head with people I know. God save they all. I do it constantly, and for long periods of time throughout the day or whenever I'm alone. Interestingly enough you will find that you can indeed talk to yourself exactly as if you're talking to another person. i do that too.. though i dont know if it's normal or not. I often watch old movies; Conversations I've Held With You in My Head Do you ever have lengthy conversations with yourself, or make up voices in your head, each with a different personality? umm... i talk to myself when im planning things, but never hold an actual conversation with myself, I think pple have internal converstations all the time...daydreaming...i do this all the time pretending ive won the lottery, or imagine a do-over. He’s thinking about how he came off and how well a show he did for everyone. Do you pore over what you said, specifically, and maybe cringe here and there? Rumination never stops worry; it rewards it. Oh well for us i guess. Conversations I’ve Held With You in My Head A fraction of my life, and yours have passed us much like nothing. I'm sure I'm not the only person who does this. 3 thoughts on “I Have More Conversations In My Head” Worst of all, my mind seems to be blank all the time and I can't get past small talk (even with my friends). Now I'm 23 and feel like a complete idiot. After all rumination is simply looking for negativity to dwell on. Oh really? Sometimes they say things that don’t make sense. well i don't think it's normal.. i do it all the time and it's driving me crazy.. i do this subconciously. But I am never in the conversations, though I think along with it. These conversations are either conversations I have already had with someone or conversations I plan to have with someone. I talk to my psychiatrist and psychologist in my head. 2. I have a horrible habit of conversing with people I know...but they're not even there! Like Like I never have anything to say in conversations, because there is almost nothing in my head. It's really been annoying me lately (gets in the way of school sometimes). one day i was walking by and he was working in his yard. Sometimes I feel like I have more conversations in my head with other people than I actually do in real life I can be a little in my head, and by a little I actually mean a LOT. You’re not useful to me.” I don’t participate in the rumination anymore. My previous blog posts have observed that some people—women with bulimia nervosa, for example—have frequent multiple simultaneous experiences, … I couldn’t understand and interpret other people’s thoughts, feelings and actions. Is this normal . He’s anxious about himself.”. You are much more than that. hearing voices network says that over 70 percent of the population hear voices and most don't have a problem with that. Does the conversation continue to repeat in your head even long after you’re done being interested in it? Although this is not the same as hearing voices, you may wonder, “Why do I talk to myself in my head all the time?” Well, here we might be able to … Joined Jul 8, 2013 Messages 35,313 Location Mordor. These conversations have lingered in my early childhood, but really became apparent when I was 16 or so. Do you wish you said something different or worry that you came off as rude or otherwise unlikeable? If my stuckness in my head is due to present moment avoidance, how can I possibly practice the only thing for obessesive people like me which is to ground myself in the moment, where the moment is what I’m trying to consciously or subconsciously escape. “We are all … And as others have so well demonstrated, for most people it's not a problem. So when I find out that they don’t know about it: I am surprised. they dont need to be talking to ya! We can’t control how other people view us. (original voice) "don't worry you can still fix this, we got to just think about this; don't worry im here for you the whole way" etc etc literally as if there is another "friend" inside my head. I wanted to ask u guys though... Other people can and will judge us, and it ultimately doesn’t matter. They make your intentions clear, establish bonds between you and others, and can make or break a first impression when you meet someone new. I sometimes hear two to four people having conversations in my head. A more conscious effort on my part to avoid rumination by practicing optimism in other parts of my life. Long story short, I have endless conversations in my head. I just wanted him to like me, generally. I am constantly talking to myself (not out loud) sometime there are different versions of me that talk back but I think when making any type of decision everyone talks to themselves and somewhat roleplays different scenarios. You are not defined by the adoration of others. have they take control of my brain? Some people have minimal skills in this area and need support in learning how to handle this. Copyright © 1995-2020 Psych Central. It is nearly impossible to have an authentic conversation with someone after I already had the same conversation WITH THEM in my head. Simply stated, I have the other person in my imaginary conversation suddenly develop Nonviolent Communication skills, … Now, I don't really have anyone to share my life with: the funny things, the happy things, the sad things, etc. Show More. I could be in a room with 3 people or more i could just look at someone and they give me the look like what are you looking at and in my mind i could of said you and again they give me another look like what did you say?and I don't know if there hearing it too but It feels like there talking to me or hearing my thoughts too. Maybe he was on his mobile and was using a headset that you couldn't see? I've always wanted to be able to do this. That said, I have to say that I'm a little taken aback at how many people have spoken up here saying they do this. Then sometimes I talk to imaginary people in my head, you know, characters. Either it’ll work or it won’t. That quieted the conversation replay a little bit, but it still echoed on in my head long after I was done wanting to listen. They are my internal network of friends. Life Quote: My personality isn’t for everyone. I do have conversations with people in my head but I don't make them up that I am consciously aware of; they just pop in - I have D.I.D. So many things never get said. This is could be something called 'maladaptive daydreaming'. We all do have an internal dialogue… For me sometimes this is just with myself or with others. We follow each other on Twitter and when I met him after the show he shook my hand and said my name — He knew exactly who I was! i do this all the time there are many people in my head, sometimes they take on a life of their own i dont know if its mental illness but ive always been like this. I thought everyone did this? How about you? I recently separated from my husband and since then I've found myself talking to someone in my head and he seems to always be there with the right answers. I’d get so bored if I didn’t have an internal monologue. “And then what?” I asked myself. I need an “optimism autopilot.” I need a method of finding silver linings before putting memories into long term storage. I analyze both myself and the other person in most interactions and conversations. One example is ‘he cannot these cortexes find.’ Other things do make sense, but I can’t make sense of why I’m hearing them. Hey, ive been talking to myself since i can remember i am now nearly 20 years old and it still happens. I spent my entire teen years scared and alone behind a computer screen. Sneaky Rumination: Replaying Conversations in My Head. I guess it's similar to playing the piano and keeping a beat with your foot and singing at the same time. advice, diagnosis or treatment. It's so annoying i can't stop i always talk to other people in my head, and it gets in the way of my studies too. I have at least 10 different ways of saying the same sentence in my head and I’m made to make a split decision on which one to choose. Also, writing has always been more than a hobby for me. Though, even when I realize it and snap myself out of it, I still do it some time after. I have conversations with people I wish I could have, not the ones that actually come out verbally. Bullying: the words of the bully repeat constantly in your head. I have come to realize that at any given time, there is a maximum of 34 in my head and a minimum of 0. It’s not that they aren’t real, but they ceased to have the power over me they did. I’ve had the exact same thing since I was a kid and I never really noticed till I was caught talking to the mirror inside the refrigerator of my kitchen. You never know what’s going to happen in the future, and you’ve been improvising just fine your whole life. Then sometimes I talk to myself, having brief arguments with myself in order to work out my feelings on a matter if I'm torn.

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