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Ledo's Great Hammer is a Weapon in Dark Souls 3. Ledo will invade the player when they explore the tower above the Ringed City Streets. The second spin which combos into the slam will not do so if the opponent is at a far enough distance. You can easily get S-tier scaling if you upgrade this beast of a hammer, but you'll need at least 60 strength to even wield this weapon. Ledo's Great Hammer Morne's Great Hammer Pickaxe Smough's Great Hammer Vordt's Great Hammer Halberds Crescent Axe Glaive Halberd Hammers Blacksmith Hammer Club Heysel Pick Mace Morning Star Warpick Katanas Black Blade Bloodlust Chaos Blade Darkdrift Uchigatana Washing Pole Spears and Pikes Dragonslayer Spear Golden Ritual Spear It also bears resemblance to the Black Knight weapons in color, size, and decoration. Ledo's hammer is by far the heaviest weapon amongst those wielded by the knights of Anor Londo. I can barely survive that with my sl 175 character with lapp's armor 35 vigor and ring of steel protection +3 so I imagine it would one-shot everyone else. Ledos great hammer is actual cancer but hey, you do you fam. 25(-/25) Ledo's Great Hammer . Silver Knight Ledo is a hostile NPC. Skill: Call to Stone The weapon art is so full of♥♥♥♥♥♥ It is nearly instant, all-around damage that staggers you into a guaranteed followup with the smackdown. Just a little thing to takenote about: you don't need to do the 2nd part of the WA to scatter the stones around. N/A My mommy loves me. - The best part is that it has B-scaling power, which means that it can kill almost all the enemies in the game. Neutral to Dark damage. Only tip is that when fighting another ledo great hammer user equip a poise ring or anything that boosts poise. … Ledo's Hammer is by far the heaviest weapon amongst those wielded by the knights of Anor Londo. Yes, it is the most massive Great Hammer in the game, and it does have a high strength requirement (60 to be exact), but this hammer can pull stones from the ground to pulverize foes. His hammer swings are slow but very powerful and will deplete virtually all stamina if blocked. But how about pvp, spiked mace does slightly more damage than ledo with the combo, but actually not that much. The ability to possess great skill in wielding hammers Variation of Blunt Weapon Proficiency. I will run through the game in a loincloth with a broken sword and defeat every boss. And exclusive weapon Ledo's Great Hammer crafted under "Ebony" smithing perk with tempering. 55.0 Outweighs Smough's and Morne's Great Hammer by 4 units. Ledo's Great Hammer; Dialogue. 0 This does not only make it the heaviest Great Hammer, but also the heaviest weapon in the game. As much as I like this weapon it’s not as legendary as the drumstick of KFC. You’ll need 60 strength to wield it properly, and it starts off with a B in STR scaling. He drops this Hammer. Ledo's Great Hammer is upgraded with Twinkling Titanite and can be found by defeating Silver Knight Ledo after the Ringed Inner Walls bonfire. Item Drops. Armor set also comes with complete Silver Knight weapons all crafted under the "Elven" smithing perk and can be tempered. 55.0 More importantly, it has one of the most powerful skills in its class, Call to Stone. Additional effects Miscellaneous One of the most powerful, large, and over-the-top weapons in the game, Ledo's Great Hammer is capable of dishing out extreme damage and has a versatile moveset. Honestly the worst thing about using this weapon is that it takes up half your goddamn screen. Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a. Attack power It also consumes more stamina per attack than a regular great hammer, such as the Great Mace. Personally, Ledo's is my favorite. The incredibly heavy head of the hammer allows it to make devastating strikes against weapons and shields, granting the wielder a +2 bonus on opposed attack rolls to sunder an enemy’s weapon or shield. Although it does not deal bonus damage to demons, in lore this weapon could very much have been used to combat the many chaos demons when the. You need to follow the path to a room where silver Knight Ledo invades you. 85.0 Gyrm Great Hammer: 215 45: 0 10: 0 30: 0 30: 0 40: 0 - 0 15 - 15 15 - 15: 100 - 60 30: 40 C: 4-----80 20.0: Drops from Gyrm Warriors wielding them in Doors of Pharros. Ledo's Great Hammer also has very obvious drawbacks. Can we have a STR vs DEX thread? 10038 - Ledo's Great Hammer ... Great Axe, and Great Hammer 2-handed Block animations. While the hammer is covered in stone, a fully charged r2 can shatter those stones. (If your name is not on THIS list, please do not post videos here. Ledo is a Zora who can initially be found in the Zora River, just north of Moor Garrison Ruins and south of Sheh Rata Shrine.When Link walks by, Ledo will spot him, calling him over to talk to him. Voiced by: Unknown + Show dialogue. Gains A scaling in Strength from +2 onwards. - B - It's a very underwhelming-looking weapon with great damage, an awesome moveset, and you can dual-wield them in Dark Souls 2. Ledo, an eccentric who traveled across the outskirts, became a close friend to the giants and even Havel, the Rock. N/A Great Hammer wielded by the Silver Knight Ledo. The small confines of the room make him particularly dangerous and he will likely kill the player swiftly if they are cornered. 170 Added the Black Knight Power Attacks. It's also stronger than Smough's Great Hammer when 2-handed at 66 Strength (668 AR vs 681 AR ), While having the highest Strength requirement in the game, it is beaten by the, 61 through 69: +0 or 1 (0 1 0 1 1 1 0 1 1), 70 through 80: +1 or 2 (gains 2 on 70/74/77), 81 through 99 +2 (gains 1 on 83/87 and gains 3 on 97). Stability: How well the player keeps stance after being hitAttack Type: Defines what kind of swing set the weapon has: Regular(R), Thrust(T), Slash(Sl), Strike(St), KFC's weapon of choice vs oversized hammer, If anyone is wondering the weapon art buff from start of the buff to end lasts about 40 seconds, don't wear the silver knight set if you aren't going to use this weapon exclusively, incorrect cosplay havin f^cks, Ledo left his pubic hairs on the end of the handle. 19(-/19) - In this guide I will explain the benefits of using such a build and how to do it. Attribute requirement Players without high investment in Endurance may find it necessary to equip stamina-boosting items, such as the Chloranthy Ring, or use Green Blossoms to use this weapon effectively. He died right then and there. 60.0 Voiced by: None Scaling quality is from highest to lowest as follows: S/A/B/C/D/E.The higher the player's [Str, Dex, Mag, Fire, Light] stat, the higher the [Attack Bonus: Stat] is (found on the player status screen). Ledo's Great Hammer vs Spiked Mace on a strength build for pvp? Cannot be Infused. At 60 str Ledo's hammer does 662 2handed while a heavy infused greatmace only does 604. This entire combo gives players hyper armor. For me Ledo is easily the best great hammer because it has what most othe weapons of same class didn't get : useful WA and R2s. The moveset is standard for great hammers, save for the strong attack, which comprises a graceful leaping smash that deals massive damage and takes a surprisingly short time to charge fully. - Ledo's Great Hammer Ledo is better for pve since it does more damage per swing plus spiked mace combo isn't that good on monsters. - Durability: The weapon's HP, when the durability hits 0, the effectiveness of its attacks become weakened to the point of almost uselessness. Attribute bonus Guard absorption - Strike If you catch them with the second spin hit and they’re far enough for the hammer head to reach them but not the handle you can expect them to roll away at the last fraction of a second. Skill: Call to Stone. The higher the scaling letter, the higher the percent multiplier applied to the [Attack: Stat].This resulting bonus damage is added to the base physical damage of the weapon and is shown in the equipment screen in blue numbers as a "+ X". In addition, its massive size can obstruct the players view of their surroundings, much like (but not to the extent of) Smough's Great Hammer. Greathorn minotaurs wield these big, heavy hammers, which are considered exotic weapons for other creatures. Ledo, an eccentric who traveled across the outskirts, became a close friend to the giants and even Havel, the Rock. -Friede's great scythe(no left one for now)-Fume ultra greatsword-Gael's greatsword-Gotthard twinsword-Greatlance-Greatsword of judgement-Ledo's great hammer-Lorian's greatsword-Lothric knight greatsword-Lothric knight sword-Lohric's Holy sword-Onyx Blade-Profaned greatsword-Ringed knight Paired greatsword-Ringed knight Spear 60 Ledo’s great hammer This hammer as the greatest strength among other weapons in the game; however, it requires a high strength when compared to other weapons. Following it up with a strong attack completes the combo for an extremely hard-hitting ground smash that disperses the stone, producing an explosion of debris. Overview. 28.0 Information here is accurate for version 1.83. page revision: 16, last edited: 29 Aug 2020 06:29. It was added with The Ringed City DLC. If the player keeps their guard up for too long, he will use a guard break followed by an immediate swing that can instantly kill them. - April 12, 2018. announakis. It’s designed to be a combo but one that has an extremely close cut off point. Resistant to fire. Great Hammer wielded by the Silver Knight Ledo. Added the Dark Souls Greatsword, Ultra Greatsword, Great Axe, and Great Hammer with Shield 1-handed Shield Block animations. Scrubs using this slow ass*****ty weapon are just stupid creeps for me to farm soul. The armour set can be crafted at any forge under the "Advance Armors" smithing perk and can be tempered at any work bench. Just incredible, fuck carrying a shield. Great Club: 210 45: 0 10: 0 30: 0 30: 0 40: 0 - 0 15 - 15 15 - 15: 100 - 60 30: 28 B: 4-----70 15.0: In an iron chest below Central Gutter bonfire in The Gutter. After realizing Link is a real Hylian, he will ask Link if he can spare a few minutes of his time. PvP. Call to Stone I'm not a casul. Important note about the weapon art. Once you went up the entire ladder there is a way that leads left to a ringed knight but there is also a way to the right, where you can drop off onto a stoney path. Went in Spear of the Church fight with it... the enemy player tought it was a good idea to tank the full WA + R2 with his insane poise bonus. It has a giant spike protruding from the top. Great Hammer wielded by the Silver Knight Ledo. Ledo's hammer is by far the heaviest weapon amongst those wielded by the knights of Anor Londo. Ledo's Great Hammer: 008CFDC0: Ringed Knight Spear: 008D24D0: Lothric War Banner: 008D2534: Heavy Lothric War Banner: 008D2598: Sharp Lothric War Banner: 008D25FC: Refined Lothric War Banner: 008D2660: Simple Lothric War Banner: 008D26C4: Crystal Lothric War Banner: 008D2728: Fire Lothric War Banner: 008D278C: Chaos Lothric War Banner: Buffed Ledo's does 712 while 2handing. Ledo's Great Hammer is a Weapon in Dark Souls 3. Ledo is a character in Breath of the Wild. The weapon resembles a giant and highly decorated anvil. Ledo's Great Hammer wants as much strength as possible. It is the heaviest weapon in the game at 28 units. If they get caught while really close to you it will combo every time. Youll win every trade Unless they're also using wolf ring +3. When an items durability is low, a message will come up saying "Weapon At Risk!" 0 50 Ledo's Great Hammer; Tarnished Knight Set; Dialogue. At 99 strength, Ledo's Great Hammer has 681 AR and 732 AR with the weapon art activated. Some say this is a casul weapon, easy to outsmart.Maybe... Ive still yet to meet someone who can outamart its L2. Ledo's is far better than any other great hammer against decent players, but great hammers aren't an essential weapon category. It has a B-scaling in strength by itself, which is simply insane. Wields: Ledo's Great Hammer (RH) and Silver Knight Shield (LH) You can lead him to the ledge outside, target lock, and use poison mist/ toxic mist to kill him. Ledo will then invade normally. Dropped by Silver Knight Ledo. Although its attacks grant large amounts of poise, they are slow and predictable. Then I will play pvp and defeat the entire world. 100 Thanks to the addition of Weapon Arts, some bigger weapons have devastatingly quick and sweeping attacks at the cost of some FP, such as Ledo's Great Hammer and Gael's Greatsword. This hammer has the stats to go the distance, and the benefits of it having a unique weapon art meaning it has better longevity in terms of keeping a build fresh. https://darksouls.fandom.com/wiki/Ledo%27s_Great_Hammer?oldid=309598. Dark Souls 3 introduces a weapon with a slightly less useful moveset but a much more badass appearance: Ledo's Great Hammer. - Silver Knight Ledo invades embered players in the Ringed City, in a small room above the large swamp area. 310 Great Hammer Upon activation, the head becomes shrouded in stone as the player performs a moderately fast spin-attack. Untricked a big whopping hammer, tricked a big whopping hammer WITH STONES ON IT TO MAKE IT EVEN BIGGER YEAH. Occasionally, Ledo will activate the skill of his hammer, Call to Stone, allowi… 0 Great Hammer wielded by the Silver Knight Ledo. Edit Tags History Files Print Site tools + Options If Halflight, Spear of the Church has already been defeated before facing Ledo, then players can revive the boss at the Purging Monument or Velka's statue. at this point the weapon does not perform at it's best.Weight: How much the item weights when equipped. STRcucks need to be reminded who is the strongest every month or th... - "/v/ - Video Games" is 4chan's imageboard dedicated to … Cannot be buffed or infused, excluding the buff from its weapon skill. I know it would be whacky but I’d have loved if they gave it a unique running attack which uses the weight of the hammer to plough the spear head through enemies rather than the standard dash slam because as it is in game it’s only for appearance and serves no function. However, when players do not activate the smash attack, the weapon will remain buffed by the stone that wraps it, giving it significantly more damage for some time before disappearing. Ledo's hammer is by far the heaviest weapon amongst those wielded by the knights of Anor Londo. 55.0 Spawn at the Ringed City Streets bonfire, get out into the swamp and go left, up the ladder. He wields Ledo's Great Hammer and wears the Silver Knight set. This is basically a Trick Weapon. Great Hammer wielded by the Silver Knight Ledo. The weapon gains a superb A scaling in Strength with enough upgrades and has no other stat requirements, making it most effective on pure strength builds. Ledo, an eccentric who traveled across the outskirts, became a close friend to the giants and even Havel, the Rock. Ledo’s Great Hammer is a great weapon for any build that relies on brute force. Resulting damage from common stat allocations, soft-caps are in bold. Ledo's Hammer is by far the heaviest weapon amongst those wielded by the knights of Anor Londo. If you wish to post videos, please click the link and apply in the thread), Parameter Bonus: Strength, Dexterity,Magic, Fire, Lightning and Dark bonuses - The scaling multiplier applied to the [Attack: stat]. Can be Buffed with the Weapon Art. The player can break the stones around the weapon and deal the area-of-effect blast anytime within the duration by performing a charged strong attack, making it a very versatile skill that can be used strategically. You can get it by defeating the NPC invader Dark Spirit Silver Knight Ledo. It was added with The Ringed City DLC. How do you deal with Ledo's great hammer? N/A Imma like dodge then BAMM backstab right in the anus XD. Storyteller's Staff, and range weapons work as well, but you must be locked on to hit him. Has the second highest physical attack rating in the game. Skill: Call to Stone  Spin to lure stones to the steel hammer, and use strong attack to transition into an earth slam that shatters the stones in a shockwave. Combat Information. Fortunately, the DLC this weapon is found in also includes useful rings to counter some of these drawbacks (Havel's Ring +3 for its weight, Chloranthy Ring +3 for its stamina usage, and Ring of Favor +3 for both its weight and stamina usage). Ledo, an eccentric who traveled aross the outskirts, became a close friend to the giants and even Havel, the Rock. 100 Ledo's Great Hammer is a great hammer in Dark Souls III: The Ringed City. Casuls' weapon tsk tsk tsk. U se the biggest weapon in Dark Souls 3 – Ledo’s Great Hammer which packs a mighty punch, “Ledo’s Truck” build is a tank build that hits like a truck but still allows you to move around like a ninja giving you the best of both worlds. Dark Souls Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. If a player is hit by every single attack of this skill combo, survival is unlikely. General Information. Reinforced with Twinkling Titanite. Skill Ledo, an eccentric who traveled aross the outskirts, became a close friend to the giants and even Havel, the Rock. 0 Skill: Call to Stone Added the Zweihander Hander Weapon Art on 2hm_attackpowerforwardsprint.HKX animation. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

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