luxury vinyl plank vs laminate

The part that it leaves out, however, is that unlike natural plank flooring, LVP is easy to clean and extremely durable. My dad lives with us and uses a walker to get around and we will be putting up my husbands pool table. We compiled a list of some of the major considerations you should take into account before making a decision, by creating a luxury vinyl tile comparison chart that reviews other popular vinyl plank flooring alternatives. You will also want to look at the style, image layer and coloring. Not only do modern printing techniques give a wide range of color variations and textures, but because it is wood and not soft vinyl, it feels more realistic as well. Luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) is 100% plastic. We are replacing several floors in our house including kitchen. Here is a brief glance at those factors. The waterproofing is an application added to the tops of the planks that only seals when fully assembled. Cold Summer was fine. Glue Down vs. I plan on using an underlayment for a more comfortable feel. We recently installed it in an apartment. As an Interior Designer, I have used many floor products. Vinyl planks are plastic. The great thing about vinyl plank and laminate are that both types of flooring aren’t “one-size-fits-all.” There are a variety of colors, styles, and sizes available for installation. It isn’t ideal for high traffic areas, but in bedrooms and living rooms you can feel the softness of the planks under bare feet. First off, the individual planks are not waterproof. Consumers often turn to vinyl plank or laminate flooring to get the look of hardwoods without the risk of scratches, dings, and other flaws that can be time-consuming (and expensive) to repair. The warranty was 30 years. Concrete will "Sweat" so laminate is not the best option. Would either of these products be functional as the top surface on an outdoor table? Unlike hardwoods, it isn’t prone to scratc… The higher-quality planks hold up to daily cleaning, heavy furniture and resist damage fairly well. It’s not hard on my feet as underneath is a form type pad that cushions everything and overall easy to install diy, just patience needed. Luxury vinyl plank flooring — or LVP — is a fan favorite for its convincing wood-like looks, high-quality construction and comfort underfoot. LVP on the low end still weighs in at at least 5 mils and is more durable and longer lasting than traditional. Thank you. Laminate flooring is also easy to clean and maintain, but there are a few precautions to take to avoid damaging these floors. Laminate Plank v. Luxury Vinyl Plank. For what it’s worth, it look like it’s a higher grade laminate. Most commonly, you will find sheet vinyl, glue down vinyl and click vinyl.Each of these vinyls are waterproof, but will have different pros and cons. Water-resistant is a product that can resist water up to a point before its damaged. While laminate is more environmentally friendly, it also lacks some of the desirable features like water-proofing. While both flooring materials may be similar in cost, appearance, and maintenance, luxury vinyl flooring is less hazardous, waterproof and has double the lifespan and warranty of most laminate floors. LVP and Laminate have a lot of similar characteristics and a few that are quite different. Read more here about. Vinyl plank flooring is available in multiple lengths and widths. We have installed many types from laminate to ceramic and now vinyl plank. I find that hard to believe. Could you share the name of what you are using? This is despite my telling them I needed to be able to deep clean due to animals and children. If seen where underlayment caused the edges of the planks to break . Would the padding under the vinyl flooring affect the radiant heat that is coming from the floor? The only advantage laminate flooring has over luxury vinyl comes down to cost. Is time to change. The planks are made from various layers of all synthetic materials. Traditional luxury vinyl plank flooring is a popular flooring choice for homes and businesses for several main reasons. These are generally safe for use on laminate, but consult with the manufacturer if you’re unsure. If you want to understand the differe nces between vinyl plank flooring vs. laminate flooring, you need to read a step-by-step comparison between respective features, pros, and cons. When comparing the two types of flooring, laminate is the winner when it comes to comfort. Luxury vinyl flooring is flexible, like normal vinyl, but thicker and more robust matching the durability of laminate. Between LVP and laminate planks, you really can’t go wrong. Ruined thousands worth of flooring that all had to be redone. Glue Down vs. The most important thing to many of these consumers is the appearance of the flooring. Vinyl also comes in a variety of styles, and often you’ll see it mimicking a specific type of wood like oak among many others. Luxury vinyl plank flooring has become a really popular option among homeowners these days. Of … Because you install vinyl flooring is directly on a concrete subfloor, it’s often not the most comfortable flooring. Laminate by for superior. However, LVT is usually made to mimic stone or ceramic, whereas luxury vinyl planks are usually made to mimic wood. Q. I do believe the wording states for concrete you have to add it, but I will be asking for clarification before installation. Narrow, short planks will give you a bowling alley type of look, standard widths will resemble authentic hardwood floors and wide widths will do best for large rooms looking for a rustic aesthetic. Furthermore you can now buy luxury vinyl flooring as either planks or tiles. I drAg furniture on mine all the time with no damage at all. As the name suggests, this floor has a backing that is peeled off to expose adhesive and each plank is then applied to the prepared subfloor underneath. Luxury vinyl flooring is flexible, like normal vinyl, but thicker and more robust matching the durability of laminate. There are few waterproof and quite a few water-resistant laminates available in market. I recommended laminate for bedrooms. Especially for people with children. A contractor friend who builds high end homes actually thought it was engineered hardwood. As someone has already mentioned, this article have some significant inaccuracies. It’s so old that we had to glue it together not tongue & grove. The dark vinyl kept having white spots appearing. Laminate is more forgiving than LVP due to cork underlayments. LVP is a luxury vinyl flooring that mimics natural wood planks in every aspect, from colour to specific tree species and surface textures. The warranty will generally cover the floor until you have the planks installed. Thoughts? The biggest concern with vinyl flooring is dents caused by heavy furniture. Measured in mils, the thickness for, residential homes should fall between 5 and 10 mils, For a more sturdy plank, or those installed in a, commercial flooring situation, you can find planks up to 22 mils, There are two main install methods for plank flooring, you can, do it yourself (DIY) or hire a professional. Good reviews. On the other hand, you should not expose laminate to water. Comments (7) Unfortunately, price is "an object." I'm thinking about $2-$3 a square foot at most. Since we have three kids below ten years old, two dogs, and a cat, we need flooring that could withstand the mess we could all make. I wouldn’t get this stuff again as it’s not waterproof or scratch resistant. While it is quite durable, it’s important for anyone planning to purchase this type of flooring to know it’s not completely immune to damage and is vulnerable to the same flaws as traditional vinyl flooring. For example, if you’re dragging furniture across the floor, planks can be torn. I was planning on entire first floor installation but fount that at least 14 transitions would be required, some in very visible places esp. This time we are going with 100% waterproof laminate flooring. You can tackle tough spots like oil, paint, markers, or inks using acetone or nail polish remover. Laminate-specific product can be used to restore shine. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Bathrooms and kitchens are ideal spaces for luxury vinyl flooring. Laminate Flooring. When it comes to design integrity, the vinyl vs. laminate comparison is pretty even. If not you will have to remove them and trim the bottoms. Available in many colors including white, gray, light and dark wood finishes, and black. When choosing new flooring, it’s important to get the best bang for your buck. With the right tools and a little know-how, homeowners can install vinyl plank flooring and laminate, but which is easiest? Vinyl flooring is made primarily from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin, which is a synthetic material produced by the petroleum industry. When comparing vinyl plank to laminate, it’s a close race as to which is easier to install. Also, the builder “cleaned” the construction dust off of the floor using a floor polisher… big mistake! If you have to find a contrast between vinyl wood plank flooring and laminate flooring, it's in the former's fuller attention to durability. One benefit of using the glue down approach with luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring is that it involves a seamless replacement — which again makes it an ideal method for the ever-changing retail or hospitality industry. Even with no prior experience. Residential installs with an AC Rating of 4 are not recommended. At $.50—$5 per square foot, laminate matches and even (albeit at the lower end) comes in under premium vinyl, which may be priced from $2—$5 per square foot for commercial products. On top of this is the clear wear-layer which comes in varying degrees of durability and thickness. We put it in 12 years ago. Application: Traditional vinyl plank flooring can be installed below, above or on grade. Water-resistant flooring should be wiped up within a certain amount of time. Hi. The core of the planks will be one of the biggest deciding factors you face. Laminate designed to mimic the look of travertine, ceramic tile, and stone are also options with this type of flooring. Vinyl Wood Plank Durability. While both types of flooring can come very close to the appearance of wood, laminate is the superior option. No wax should ever be used on vinyl. The image layer is where the graphic is printed to give a wood grain, stone, or tile appearance. When you choose LVT, you’ll enjoy more luxury vinyl tile benefits than with laminate. Vinyl flooring is prone to damage that harder floors can withstand. She has serious environmental sensitivities and is concerned about it containing PVC, which is toxic and outgasses; and that it would have biocides and fungicides that are likely toxic. The care is certainly easier with vinyl. Vinyl 1 and laminate flooring are two popular, man-made flooring products that come in a variety of colors and styles. However, there are a few notable differences between the two. Luxury Vinyl Planks/ Tile would be excellent. When installing you will want to randomly pull from various boxes so you don’t end up with areas of your floor lighter or darker than others. Laminate floors start at about $1 per square foot but you really get what you play for here. I think the same could be said of vinyl plank. Spills need to be cleaned up immediately to help prevent staining. My head is spinning, as vinyl seems to be the best option for us, but I feel that based on what I read, quality of the flooring is the bottom line… Vinyl plank flooring is affordable, waterproof, and incredibly durable. Shaw Floors Save Photo. Laminate or vinyl that is 100% waterproof does not need to be wiped up immediately. The planks also start with a sturdy base layer that may or may not have an underlayment attached. Laminate is still thicker than vinyl planks, because of the materials it is composed of, but it is also harder than luxury vinyl planks or tiles. It indestructible. This also means that it does not need any kind of sealant. I would appreciate other comments on this. I will be replacing with something new in the next year, I was very pleased with it and a professional installer looked at it a week ago and was surprised how well it held up!! Warranties can range from 5-years to lifetime, depending on brand and installation method. Laminate. Homeowners looking for an affordable option for hardwood flooring may evaluate the pros and cons of Vinyl Plank vs Laminate flooring. Yes, you are right. Just understand that you need at least 3 quality quotes before committing, and that a lot of the quotes you receive will include the cost of materials. Yes, dog or cat urine may damage your LVP or laminate floors if left for a long period of time. More Details. Because both are made using a 3D printing technology, each can replicate the look and style of natural materials such as wood and stone, but at the fraction of the cost. Using sites like Angie’s List, you can find reputable installers. Within a few years, the color was coming off and a family member scratched it up even more w/a chair. The core layers are constructed from various synthetic materials, and come in two styles, wood-plastic and stone-plastic (also known as WPC and SPC), How Laminate and Vinyl Planks are Similar. 3. If you need flooring in wet areas, such as your bathroom, laundry area or basement, LVP is a viable solution, there, as well. I have laminate floor for well over 20 years-it is waterproof but has to be dried-does not dry on own and it leaves spots.The problem I had was expanding and shrinking of the seams seasonally. We also put this same flooring in one of our rental properties. Planning on buying luxury vinyl plank or tile flooring? These layers give the planks their  durability, water resistance and looks . Just as you would with hardwood, be sure to clean up any accidents or spills immediately (or as quickly as possible). In one we put a tile looking laminate product and the other vinyl plank. Knowing what to look for and which questions to ask will ensure you get the best flooring for your home. Unlike LVP, laminate is not stain resistant. We have had both. Thanks! Browse our vast collection of planked laminate flooring at Leader Floors. When mopping, make sure you do not use a mop with a scrubbing pad, as this will scratch the surface. Floating: Which is Easier to Replace? This article was written a little over a year ago. Sir LVP flooring is crafted with four layers including a waterproof, PVC vinyl core and a scratch- and stain-resistant top layer perfect for pets and kids. Some are water resistant, others waterproof. Laminate flooring typically comes with a 5-10 year warranty, whereas luxury vinyl flooring is usually warrantied for 15 years or more. Product specific protection rating (according to the wear layer thickness) is also a factor that would indicate the durability. The flooring I plan to use, states if I get the model that has an attached underlayment I will void the warranty if I add more underlayment. LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) is at the moment one of the most attractive types of flooring, as new quality eco-friendly products appeared in the recent years on the market. In terms of styles and colors, vinyl plank offers something for everyone. Each layer in the core is made up of various fiber- or particle board materials (or a combination of the two). See below to find out if anything listed makes or breaks your purchase decision. LVP flooring is a man-made product that is created from petroleum and is then printed and often embossed with natural wood stain finishes. It’s The answer is laminate flooring or luxury vinyl planks. With the exception of natural hardwood flooring, no other flooring type, including LVP will add resale value to your home. Vinyl Plank vs. Laminate Flooring: Key Differences Summarized. Your email address will not be published. We created a full chart of comparison for you to help you understand and choose the best type for your future floor covering. If you are going to install the laminate below-grade, you will also need a vapor barrier to protect against moisture. Vinyl 1 and laminate flooring are two popular, man-made flooring products that come in a variety of colors and styles. They’re inexpensive and have long been one of the most popular flooring materials. I dropped a burning hookah coal on the laminate in our old house once. We recently had the Mannington Adura Flex Vinyl tile installed in our newly remodeled kitchen. LVP and laminate planks are each made up of several layers of materials for a solid, durable plank surface. Lengths vary from 36 to over 48 inches. Luxury Vinyl vs. Laminate. Consumers often turn to vinyl plank or laminate flooring to get the look of hardwoods without the risk of scratches, dings, and other flaws that can be time-consuming (and expensive) to repair. Find out the good and the bad below. They are both also a cost-efficient alternative to hardwood and other types of flooring. I also have a floor underneath that turned brown immediately (mannington) so that is my base on a cement floor. All bare flooring can get cold depending on the temperature of the room, but laminate – especially flooring installed with a thick underlayment – is warmer than vinyl. Will a cold cement floor in the basement cause it to pop up Waterproof is a product that can resist water completely and not damage the product. Thank you, Ant. Vinyl flooring is great for bathrooms, kitchens, and other high moisture areas. 4. Like LVP, the planks aren’t generally designed thick enough to refinish. Both options are generally maintenance-free flooring solutions. Vinyl floors are highly versatile. I agree, but I have seen some vinyl on the market still like my inlaws put in their trailer 12 years ago. It can dent over time, particularly in areas under heavy furniture. I’m interested to know who manufactures waterproof laminate? Note: Steam mops are generally NOT safe for use on laminate, with few exceptions. A lot of laminate manufacturers still use chemicals that produce chemicals (VOCs) that can cause some health concerns. Anyway, I’m thinking of going with vinyl planks in a 3rd car garage that we use as an office. They’re always spilling something. We have a new video! I don’t know what vinyl flooring you sampled from. The underlayment is designed for a sound deadening. Each plank is made from at least 5 layers, with a base layer that usually has an underlayment already attached. Most brands that do not attach an underlayment include one in the box with the planks, though. Perhaps I’ll have this type of flooring installed since it’s also super easy to clean. The overall thickness (explained below) will mainly be determined by the core materials. Residential and commercial builds are available in both plank styles. But trust me it’s worth it. I would not use steam on anything except tiles like porcelain or ceramic. Nope, it was the color coming off the planks. Consumers that purchase vinyl plank or laminate flooring are looking for a product that’s comparable to hardwood without the hassle. Laminate Plank v. Luxury Vinyl Plank. Vinyl plank can tear when dragging heavy objects. It’s held up amazingly. However, the edge pieces along the walls still have an exposed core, meaning moisture and water can get there if there is flooding or large spills along the baseboards. Residential installs with an AC Rating of 4 are not recommended. It is extremely resistant to damage and will not have to be refinished over time like traditional hardwoods. You can purchase Floor protectors online or from a local big box home improvement store to prevent dents and damage to the floor. You can permanently attach them to the subfloor, but most find it is more beneficial and easier to install on top of the current flooring in the room (unless it is carpeting). Laminate VS Luxury Vinyl Plank. We had vinyl is our first house, which we’ve rented out for the last 5 years. Acetone can be used to remove difficult stains. Just because the synthetic makeup of the planks makes them water resistant, doesn’t mean the brand goes the extra step to include waterproofing. Wet mops should never be used. This means it can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, or other areas where there’s moisture without the worry of warping or buckling. Most LVP brands and styles are  100% waterproof. There is not one scratch. Because there are so many different choices of wood and other materials, laminate offers a more comprehensive selection of styles and colors when compared to vinyl plank. Overall, luxury vinyl is the clear winner. Here's a place to start at the LVT search: It usually has an attached cork backing for some extra cushioning and insulation. I will definitely compare the built in underlayment with separate underlayment, and I guess I could go higher with a built in underlayment. Vinyl planks and laminate each have their benefits and drawbacks. Luxury Vinyl Tile vs Laminate. They may have made the flooring better since then. Vinyl floors are available in three forms: planks, tiles or sheets. How laminate flooring and LVT are similar: Both have cost and durability advantages over such other solid-surface flooring choices as hardwood, ceramic or stone. Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank Flooring Pros and Cons - Get 6 Free Samples. A friend of mine had very expensive, waterPROOF laminate installed throughout her house. In the 1960s when vinyl hit the flooring market, it almost displaced other floors types. When compared to the average 20-year lifespan of luxury vinyl flooring, the latter is the most cost-effective solution. Underfloor heating systems can also be installed for an additional cost to further warm up these floors. Luxury Vinyl Tile vs Laminate. He further scratched the color off the kitchen floor rolling the chair over the floor. That makes it the easiest to care for compared to laminate. Only use soap-free cleansers. We are going with a waterproof higher end vinyl plank, hoping it is as durable as the reviews we have seen. Anyone that has stood on bare flooring for hours knows just how tough it can be on the legs, knees, and back. But still, check with the mfg on either to be sure. Some LVT products are even designed to be as realistic as possible by featuring textured grout surfaces. Vinyl also comes in a variety of styles, and often you’ll see it mimicking a specific type of wood like oak among many others. The newest forms of luxury vinyl are quite convincing, giving laminates a good challenge as the most successful at mimicking the look of wood. while vinyl mimics hardwood, stone and tile. You dropped a coal on laminate…… you’d like to see laminate stand up to that. High traffic areas such as entrances and hallways will find a lot of benefit from having LVP installed., The wear layers are generally quite thick and hold up to pets, constant foot traffic and daily cleaning. A mild cleanser will sufficiently clean up even the biggest messes. Like vinyl plank, homeowners that like to tackle DIY projects can install laminate flooring. Vinyl planks are taking over the flooring industry, and for good reason! From ease of installation to care and maintenance for the long term, this guide is designed to cover it all, helping you to discover whether vinyl plank or laminate flooring is better for your home. For daily cleaning, a broom, dust mop, or vacuum cleaner designed for use on laminate floors can tackle everyday messes. 2. Been searching for new floor and against all odds I’ve decided the laminate will be my next floor! The other rental with vinyl plank looks great after 6 years. Why am I required to wait 24 hours after installing laminate before I can use it? I have a Bissell Crosswave Cordless Max. Of course they are in rooms. Products can be used to repair scratches and chips as needed. Many consumers opt for vinyl or laminate flooring because care and maintenance is so simple. These planks are soft to walk on. As far as the installation of laminate, you can also use a jigsaw as well as a laminate floor cutter which is actually the easiest. While both flooring materials may be similar in cost, appearance, and maintenance, luxury vinyl flooring is less hazardous, waterproof and has double the lifespan and warranty of most laminate floors. Vinyl Plank Flooring Versus Laminates. You see this in the product reviews for specific levels of either product. It’s typically texturized and dyed, laid in a single layer over rubberized plastic. Some consumers find it better to select their brand and style and wait until their budget fits the selection instead of settling on a lower-quality product just to be done. From whitewashed oak for the shabby chic interior, cherry or mahogany for a classic look, or even black for modern rooms, there is no shortage of styles and colors. ; Both styles can be water-resistant but only vinyl can be 100% waterproof. My husband and I are deciding between vinyl or laminate. If you are looking for an alternative to hardwood that is very durable and holds up well to almost anything, then they are both options to consider. The luxury vinyl planks in the entry shown here are from Stainmaster, which has a Pet Protection line of luxury vinyl flooring with a special coating to resist scratches and provide traction. The low cost, multiple style options and high durability make it a favorite in most residential applications. They will however, last much longer. a good choice for homes with children and pets, refinished over time like traditional hardwoods, Get Quotes Instantly from Local Flooring Pros, underlayment will need to be applied over the subfloor, which is usually best left to the professionals, Laminate flooring is also easy to clean and maintain, vacuum cleaner designed for use on laminate floors, 4 Instant Free Quotes from Approved Local Flooring Installers. Laminate has a poor reputation for a reason. Before installing laminate, underlayment will need to be applied over the subfloor. The contractor only had a few last planks to cut to complete the install. Laminate works like a sponge so any water it encounters will cause the floor to swell. Does either type compare to more expensive flooring, or do they fall flat? There is a style, thickness and durability for every home or business need. Lengths typically up to 48 inches. Also both products require padding underneath when using over concrete. Both offer an affordable, durable alternative to solid timber floors and boast a vast array of colours and styles to choose from. Jack. The laminate may be purchased with special attributes such as burn resistant, scratch resistant, etc. It comes in many styles and colors to perfectly complement any home. Floating: Which is Easier to Replace? Thanks! Installing peel-and-stick vinyl plank flooring is easier than tongue-and-groove flooring, and even beginners can tackle this DIY project. The ratings 1 – 4 are designed for residential installs and the lower the number, the less durable the planks are. I did not think that waterproof laminate existed! Luxury vinyl plank or tile (known as LVP and LVT), like sheet vinyl, is also resilient and high performance. This waterproof laminate flooring didn’t just come out last year. May also chip at the corners with extensive wear. Many choices on the market now. We also have a rental units. Engineered Vinyl Plank (EVP) is the most popular type and this is a clickable floating floor which means it can be … Luxury Vinyl Flooring. While both types of flooring can withstand daily use, kids, pets, and heavy traffic, laminate is superior. I would not use it in areas that are prone to moisture or water (e.g. Luxury vinyl planks (LVP) are usually designed to simulate the look of wood, as is most laminate flooring, while luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are usually designed to simulate stone or ceramic tiles. I don’t agree that there is such a thing as WayerPROOF LAMINATE. I am putting this down on concrete flooring and I am a little confused as to if I can put a moisture barrier under the one model that has the attached underlayment. Beginners looking to tackle an easy DIY home improvement project will also find that it’s easier to work with vinyl planks. So far I have seen more variety of Laminate flooring than LVPs in wood look. Laminate planks require 24 hours to expand and stretch to their full and proper width or length after the manufacturing and packaging process. Vinyl flooring can be made to look incredibly similar to hardwood flooring while fixing some of the main issues. It’s very durable, even with the heaviest traffic. Final Thoughts on Laminate vs Luxury Vinyl Planks. And like laminate it has been manufactured to mimic real wood and stone flooring which is why it comes in planks and tiles. It is very hard and has no give when you walk on it. Personally, I’d recommend just about any flooring over laminate. This will provide the best stain resistance, durability, anti-swelling and wear protection for the money. I am looking installing luxury vinyl plank in a basement floor Each plank is attached with a tongue and groove interlocking style. My in-laws put wood look vinyl in their mobile home over five years ago. Typically 4-inches to 8-inches wide. The core layers are made from a fiberboard material making them sound dampening, soft to walk on and not exactly waterproof. In composition and appearance, luxury vinyl and laminate … Luxury vinyl planks (LVP) are usually designed to simulate the look of wood, as is most laminate flooring, while luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are usually designed to simulate stone or ceramic tiles. Installing a new flooring your home should be an exciting time. Does the vinyl really fade a lot? Just like the name suggests, luxury vinyl planks resemble planks of hardwood floors while the luxury vinyl tile comes in the form of tiles. Both hardwood flooring alternatives are highly durable and do well in high-traffic areas, though you’ll want to limit direct sun exposure overtime to protect from fading (consider curtains or rugs in particularly bright spots). Excellent article Nikki! There are well over 200 style options, each brand will have multiple styles in both plank types for you to choose. Laminate flooring typically comes with a 5-10 year warranty, whereas luxury vinyl flooring is usually warrantied for 15 years or more. Q. What’s the difference between traditional vinyl and LVP? Extremely durable. They can be designed to look like wood, tile or marble. Luckily, laminate repair kits are available online and at home improvement stores to improve the appearance of chips and scratches. Both have withstood cats and lots of guests as well as furniture dragging, and the vinyl in our current house has held up admirably against our extremely messy toddler. I purchased it on sale at Rona and it is just starting to look a bit weathered in 2020, wear and tear on some edges around certain stylist chairs,,,and 2 seams that had boots drippings for years are showing signs of wear. Can be cleaned with laminate-specific products or a steamp mop. Because vinyl is virtually waterproof, it is the clear winner in comparison to laminate in terms of water resistance. We put it in 12 years ago. Laminate flooring is water-resistant with newer versions becoming closer and closer to being waterproof but it still is only water-resistant. While  the longer warranties such as 20 years to lifetime will be in effect , the most coverage options look at the craftsmanship and manufacturing defects of the planks, and give you only a few months to file a claim against them. On the plus side, this means that as a material, it is waterproof. You can find high-quality planks for any budget. Vinyl plank (LVP) holds up well under pressure. While regular cleaning will help vinyl flooring retain its shine, you can easily restore floors that appear dull using a polish or product designed for no-wax flooring.

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