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Come along and celebrate World Octopus Day on Oct.8th, but save some fun for World Cephalolod Week. Scuba diving is more than a passion to me, it's a part of who I am. October 9 celebrates the nautilus, a mysterious cephalopod that only rises to shallower depths to feed at night. As the name suggests, World Octopus Day celebrates one of the most distinctive creatures living on the planet today; the octopus. I have never stopped being astounded by the intelligence, grace, mobility and beauty of the octopus. For World Octopus Day, we"re lighting up your screen with a shot of a nocturnal octopus from the genus Callistoctopus in its larval stage. October 8th is World Octopus Day! And is what the Navy seals use as well. World Octopus Day! There are more than 250 species of octopus… These animals are known for their sharp brains and strong instincts which makes them highly adaptable to their environment. 8 – 12 October are dedicated to raising awareness about all the tentacled marine invertebrates. Octopuses are worthy of appreciation for a number of reasons. Remember, it's octopuses, NOT 'octopi'. Today is World Octopus Day and we're excited to celebrate the 289 species of eight-armed cephalopods who roam the seas—from the minuscule to the gargantuan. Today, on October 8, we celebrate World Octopus Day. This is sadly due to the fact that Octopuses are joining a long list of creatures that are now at risk of overfishing by us humans. The average giant Pacific octopus will grow to about 16 feet across and 110 pounds. In our November/December 2011 issue, author and naturalist Sy Montgomery wrote “Deep Intellect,” which investigated the inner life of the octopus.Since its publication this feature remains the most-read Orion article of all-time. As the name suggests, World Octopus Day celebrates one of the most distinctive creatures living on the planet today; the octopus. @2020- Ocean Scuba Dive. Octopuses are ocean creatures famous for having eight arms and bulbous heads. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Subscribe to my weekly newsletter to get the latest ocean and dive news, reviews and more delivered straight to your inbox. On October 8th, World Octopus Day celebrates one of the earth’s oldest creatures. I am one of the octopi. World octopus day is on October 8th each year, the kick-off for World Cephalopod Awareness Days from 8 – 12 October. INTERNATIONAL OCTOPUS DAY. Indeed, despite their relatively short lifespan, octopus fossils date back more than 300 million years, meaning that they pre-date even dinosaurs. Octopus, known to … World Octopus Day! They are strong and muscular with the lots of suckers of the different sizes. Our double referral credit was available for EIGHT DAYS ONLY. All Rights Reserved. October 10 is also known as Squittle Day which is a combination of the words squids and cuttlefish. History of World Octopus Day. If you're a customer, get your referral link below: Refer your friends. The Blue-Ringed Octopus deserves to be highlighted, even if it is a little unnerving. World Octopus Day 2017 is observed on Sunday, October 8, 2017; World Octopus Day 2018 is observed on Monday, October 8, 2018; World Octopus Day … Discover. Dive. Shares. Hello! World Octopus Day is celebrated annually on Oct. 8 to appreciate the presence of one of the most distinctive creatures on the planet. I live in the mid coast of Maine. Recommended for ages 4-8. It’s considered one of the world’s most venomous marine animals. The octopus has three hearts: one is big and two are small. Octopus is a soft-bodied, eight-armed mollusc of the order Octopoda. Recommended for ages 4-8. And a problem solver, Too! This World Octopus Day, prepare to be dazzled by the uncanny 'squeezability' of these sly cephalopods. Our Giant Pacific Octopus, Babs, will be making some special appearances during live enrichment sessions and our octopus experts will be on hand for special Q&A sessions. The person or the organization who established this day is unknown. The giant pacific octopus, for example, happily roams at both shallow depths of less than 20 feet and the ocean floor at over 4900 feet below. World Octopus Day began in 2006. World Octopus Day By Stewart Cowan | source: Aug 23rd, 2014. or if you have any information about World Octopus Day , or maybe you want to create your own! October 8, 2020 October 11, 2020 Karen Lyons Kalmenson Blogs, Wildlife. Octopitober 8th. All of them direct the blood flow all over the body. What am I? Called “Secret World of the Octopus,” the new exhibit features a steampunk-style tank you can walk around, giving a 360-degree look at the octopus. It was photographed on a night dive near the Big Island of Hawaii. I am smart like you. Indeed, despite their relatively short lifespan, octopus fossils date back more than 300 million […] All while educating people of the threats our marine life and oceans face every day and what we can do to help defend it. Cephalopod Awareness Day was established in 2007 by members of TONMO, The Octopus News Magazine Online forum. Come find out the answers to those questions and more on October 8th at the Aquarium of Niagara as we celebrate World Octopus Day from 10am – 2pm. World Octopus Day: History and Importance. One of the reasons why there is a national octopus day is to gain awareness about their population. Look for NGO’s and other organizations selling octopus gifts to celebrate this day and raise money for marine life preservation. World Octopus Day is an annual observance celebrated every year on October 8th to praise one of the most distinctive animals and eight-armed creatures living on the planet today; the octopus. In addition, they are visually stunning, coming in various different colours and shapes, while the Giant Pacific Octopus is able to grow to weigh more than 600 pounds! You have successfully joined my subscriber list. These unique ocean dwellers have been around for millions of years as their beautiful fossilized bodies show. For more fun facts about Octopus check out our very own octopus infographic; This can put greater pressure on the fishing industry as many of their prey, like shrimp, clams and other crustaceans, are wanted for human consumption, too. Blue-Ringed. What Their Population Says About the State of the Ocean, Data indicates that there has been a population growth since the 1990s. With the recent success of “My Octopus Teacher” on Netflix, these remarkable creatures are once again in the spotlight. Newsweek subscription offers > This species (Enteroctopus dofleini) is … Female octopuses can lay up to 100,000 eggs but only about 80 survive. It may not be the smallest animal in the ocean but the octopus does not get the attention that it deserves. World Octopus Day is a good reminder of how vast the oceans are and how ocean health is indicative of the state of climate change. Octopus fossils date back over 300 million years. It’s World Octopus Day, so the perfect time to celebrate the eight-tentacled cephalopods that rank among Earth’s most fascinating creatures. This is also the only cephalopod on the list with a shell. Happy World Octopus Day … They have created this day to celebrate the highly intelligent creature of the planet. Now, I travel and dive as much as I can, exploring the world, trying new dive gear, discovering dive destinations and reviewing them here for you. Still, with more litters, the population quickly increases. People protect what they love. To celebrate World Octopus Day, watch these videos and learn these amazing facts about the unusual beasts. World octopus day is on October 8th each year, the kick-off for World Cephalopod Awareness Days from 8 – 12 October. However, there is so much more to know about this fantastic creature. The Viking pro is the best you can get. The population estimates are based on how many octopus are caught by fishermen. Read on to learn more about these cephalopods and why they deserve more appreciation. By the way, here’s the answer to the question what is the date of World Octopus Day 2020 – October 8! The giant Pacific octopus. So let's show everyone how to love the world's oceans and everything in it. Next to the mouth, there are the eight tentacles. Perhaps one of the best known mythical cephalopods is the Kraken, a giant octopus-like creature that is the nightmare of pirates and seafarers. Also, TulsaKids is doing a giveaway with Oklahoma Aquarium from October 8-15, 2020. So how should you celebrate World Octopus Day? World Octopus Day 2019 is observed on Tuesday, October 8, 2019 World Octopus Day 2020 is observed on Thursday, October 8, 2020 Wondering where we find all of these Days, or if they re even real? All rights reserved. Learning more about this eight-legged sea creature is one of the things you can do to help our oceans. An Octopus Is Amazing, by Patricia Lauber. The highly intelligent species has been observed solving puzzles, unscrewing lids, and even using tools. Get forecasts, news and updates to your inbox. Remember, it's octopuses, NOT 'octopi'. October 8 is International Octopus day (naturally)—and kicks off International Cephalopod Awareness Days. They … This … Octopuses (contrary to popular belief, “Octopuses” is the correct plural, not “Octopi”)Â are my favorite animals. Octopus! October 8, 2007, marks the first celebration of World Octopus Day. A warty octopus "If I had only two of these animals that looked very different, I … First of all, they are one of earth’s great survivors. Published 7:45 am CDT, Friday, October 7, 2016 Smarts. Some other fun facts: They have three hearts and blue blood; they squirt ink to deter predators; and being boneless, they can squeeze into (or out of) tight spaces. World Octopus Day is celebrated on October 8 every year to celebrate and protect sea animals like eight-arm creatures, Octopuses. October 8, 2007, marks the first commemoration of World Octopus Day. 28. World Octopus Day is the start of the World Cephalopod Awareness Days. However, these figures are not completely reliable. The growing population is also an indication that their predators are decreasing in population. Rising sea temperatures are causing octopuses to grow and mature faster and also lay eggs more frequently. Defend. World Octopus Day is an annual event, observed every year on October 8. Since its publication this feature remains the most-read Orion article of all-time. Karen Lyons Kalmenson. Find out what else is happening on your special day. Here are some facts about octopi, one of the most intelligent, adaptable animals in the animal kingdom. The record for the world’s largest octopus was 30 feet across and more than 600 pounds! Octopus Day Date in the current year: October 8, 2020 Octopus Day, sometimes referred to as National Octopus Day, International Octopus Day and even World Octopus Day, is observed annually on October 8.It is dedicated to one of the most unusual creatures that live on our planet. It is difficult to make an estimate of how many octopuses are swimming in the waters because they are solitary creatures. While not (yet) an event proclaimed by any official governing body, Cephalopod Awareness Day was meant to bring attention to the diversity, conservation and biology of the world’s cephalopods. It is a day of appreciation for this unique color-changing cephalopod with 8 arms, 3 hearts, and a body that consists of 90% muscle. First of all, they are one of earth’s great survivors. Subscribe to our FREE Newsletter . Before we begin, World Octopus Day is actually October 8th, but I'm just preparing you all so that you may celebrate these amazing creatures when the time comes. October 8th was World Octopus Day. They are also highly intelligent, with around 500 million neurons located in their brains and arms, allowing them to bypass their instincts, learn lessons and solve problems. October 8th is World Octopus Day. Climate change is another reason why their numbers are growing. Their main predators are sharks, seals, whales, and some larger fish and turtles. The events kick off on October 8 with World Octopus Day. In 2011 author and naturalist Sy Montgomery wrote Deep Intellect,for Orion magazine, her piece investigated the inner life of the octopus. October 11 is slightly different as it celebrates mythical cephalopods instead of the ones actually still swimming in the seas. Image: Google Image. Some of these creatures with tentacles eat up to 30% of their body weight every day so this can have a significant impact. Your kids might enjoy: Gentle Giant Octopus: Read and Wonder, by Karen Wallace. Octopi are one of the oldest living creatures (the oldest octopus fossils are 300 million years old) and there are many types of octopus still floating through our oceans, today. When is World Octopus Day? Octopuses are worthy of appreciation for a number of reasons. Home » Behind-the-Scenes Blog » Blog » The Aquarium Project: World Octopus Day With eight arms, three hearts and a knack for learning, octopuses are quite the creatures! The special days end on October 12th with an ode to fossils as it is also National Fossil Day. These eight-legged suckers are highly adaptive creatures but they are also sensitive to pollution. It is a day of appreciation for this unique color-changing cephalopod with 8 arms, 3 hearts, and a body that consists of 90% muscle. Although these 4 days in October are not elaborately celebrated, they are a good reminder of the value of our oceans. These marine animals are quite similar in shape with a more elongated design. Higher catch numbers are more an indicator of how intensive fishing is rather than the actual population numbers. By Kyrie O’Connor. The 8th October 2020 is World Octopus day and it is a day of awareness rather than celebration. Although there are no exact figures on how many there are left, there are concerns about the effects of fishing and pollution. © 2020 Days Of The Year. How about a trip to a sea life centre? This species does not move around in groups like many other animals do, which makes recording their numbers more difficult. Interesting and Fun Facts about Octopus. Data indicates that there has been a population growth since the 1990s. And dive commercially in cold water. Octopoda is the scientific name of the octopus. Happy International Octopus Day! Split £100 with every friend who signs up with this link. Also, many octopus species live in the depths of the oceans with some going as deep as 5000 feet. Octopuses are … Alternatively, put aside a small section of your day to simply learn more about these fascinating creatures. The Most Mysterious Creature In the Sea, by Katherine Harmon Courage . You may not consider octopuses cute and cuddly, but they have charisma to burn. 8 facts about what 8 legs can do. I feel like you left out the best brand of dry suit. Octopus customers can still get £50 for referring a friend - and they'll get £50 too. The octopus is a fascinating animal that Geoffrey has sculpted over the years. The animal is best known for its eight legs and ink-squirting abilities. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ae9e5e5229b5b938983e16d53ec2a9c2" );document.getElementById("i6fe8eb8f5").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The octopus is thought to be the smartest of the invertebrates. When they think of octopuses, many people automatically call to mind animals with eight legs … There is still much to learn about the ocean’s biodiversity and since collecting facts on octopuses is so difficult, we should pay attention to their populations and what effect this has on other marine life. Many of us can only admire its abundance and value from pictures and even those pictures only offer a sliver of its true irreplaceable beauty. Even though they can get very large, giant Pacific octopus can shrink way down, squeezing through any hole larger than their beak—the only hard part of their body. Their study was published Tuesday on World Octopus Day in the Bulletin of Marine Science journal. You can opt out at any time. function ml_webform_success_2292284(){var r=ml_jQuery||jQuery;r(".ml-subscribe-form-2292284 .row-success").show(),r(".ml-subscribe-form-2292284 .row-form").hide()}.

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